Country Finland
Customer T:mi Jarno Mäentausta
Machines RM 120GO!
Material Reinforced concrete, asphalt
Final aggregate 0 – 16 mm
Throughput 200 t/h

Jarno Mäentausta – the owner of T:mi Jarno Mäentausta – has been offering excavation, quarry and construction work mainly in the south and south west of Finland for many years. He also provides transport services and is a supplier of gravel and grit. Since the beginning of 2019 when he purchased a mobile crusher unit from RUBBLE MASTER, the Finnish business has also been active in processing and recycling reinforced concrete and asphalt. “Our objective was always to offer flexible solutions for our customers. Investing in the RM 120GO! enabled us to enter the new recycling market and offer these services to our customers as well,” says company owner Jarno Mäentausta.

Right from the start Jarno Mäentausta put his new RM 120GO! to the test in Säkylä, successfully crushing concrete and asphalt on site. That was followed by deployment to different different job sites until the crusher unit was relocated in Summer 2019 to the NCC asphalt plant in Nokia, where it produces asphalt with a grain size of 0-16 mm. The high-performance RUBBLE MASTER crusher has been in trouble-free operation there for more than 700 operating hours. Producing a final aggregate of 0 – 16 mm and working 10 hours a day, throughput capacity is around 200 tonnes of asphalt per hour. This is an impressive performance, especially considering that the tare weight of the compact crusher unit is just 35 tonnes (42 tonnes with the RM MS125GO! screen fitted).

Jari Mäntylä – the machine operator at T:mi Jarno Mäentausta – is also impressed by the efficient feeding process as well as how easy it is to operate the machine using the remote control that enables him to move the crusher even while it is processing material. This offers a major advantage because no downtime is needed to change the location of the machine. The magnetic separator, which is positioned on the main discharge belt of the RM 120GO!, also impresses the Finns. This automatically and reliably removes metallic items from the material to increase final aggregate quality.

Jarmo Syrjälä, Sales Manager at RM sales partner in Hansa-Machines, sums up the advantages of the RUBBLE MASTER crusher: “The cost-effective crusher from RUBBLE MASTER offers an excellent performance to weight ratio. The compact design of the machines also allows quick and easy deployment to different job sites. The crushers are easy to operate and maintain, the final aggregate is consistently high quality and the final aggregate size is easy to control.”

Our crushers in action

RM 120GO!

The new RM flagship with an output of up to 350 t/h catapults RUBBLE MASTER into a new league. Thanks to the easy exchange of the impact plates the mobile crusher can be used flexibly in both the natural stone and recycling industry.

Asphalt preparation

Recycling asphalt results in cost savings and minimises the need for fresh raw materials, which in turn reduces the burden on the environment.

Preparation of concrete

Concrete convinces as a high-quality and solid building material. This makes it one of the most important recycling raw materials.

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Natural rock

Crushing at a high output and low wear, and that in every possible and impossible location, is not an issue for RM crushers. They manage to generate the highest quality value grain from natural stone on site. Depending on the desired combination of machinery. The end result is always cubic aggregate.

Abrasive rock

Quartz gravel, granite and riverbed gravel are not easy to process because high levels of quartz cause high wear. However, RM crushers are designed for such materials: thanks to their compact size they can achieve high throughputs even in tight spaces, producing valuable aggregate directly on site at all times.

Schrefler relies on RM hybrid crusher

Demolition work and mobile recycling have been part of Manfred Schrefler’s range of services since 2016; previously he was known primarily for transport and earthwork. In terms of machinery, the Upper Austrian relies on top quality and always has the very latest technology.

Basalt preparation

Crushed basalt is used for a variety of purposes. Most often, it is crushed to be used as an aggregate in construction projects.

Increase in orders with cuboid final aggregate

In Mexico the RM 100GO! replaces a jaw and cone crusher combination. Basalt with a diameter of up to 500 mm is crushed into different sizes of cuboid final aggregate, which is then reused for asphalt production. Final aggregate grades between 0-19 and 0 25 mm are processed to a high standard without any problems.

RM 70GO! 2.0 crushes hard river basalt

The first mobile RM crusher in Gorontalo, Indonesia, has been in operation since spring 2017. The new RM 70GO! 2.0 replaces several machines at once: instead of using the jaw crusher combined with a cone crusher, this mobile crusher unit processes extremely hard river basalt in a single pass.