Many of our customers rent out their crushers and screens on a project-to-project basis or have several machines in operation at the same time. Keeping track of all the machines and collecting the necessary machine data could take a lot of time. Fleet management and condition monitoring solve the problem. RM XSMART makes it easy to deliver effective administration and efficient service. As a 24/7 digital assistant, RM XSMART can be accessed anytime, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The data is sent continuously, providing network coverage is available, so it is available in real time and can be retrieved or sent as reports at any time. If there is no network coverage, the data is temporarily saved and uploaded later. RM XSMART also supports and simplifies pay-per-use business models. In addition, all machine data is sent to the machine operator’s smartphone by WiFi, even without network coverage.

Your advantages from the 1st machine

Up-to-the-minute operating data can be displayed at any time
Plan maintenance times in advance and reduce downtime
Digitalise your documentation and save time
Keeping an eye on your machines
No need to waste time searching for the current machine location


RM XSMART offers you

Machine type
Serial number
Status display
Tagging capability
Filter option for statuses and tags
Function list for all machines
Freely definable daily/hourly reporting

Production figures:
Weight data from up to four scales
Efficiency data: fuel consumption per ton of material processed
Operating hours
Throughput capacity/Scales
Remote display of diesel & AdBlue level
Average engine load
Diesel consumption: Absolute and per hour

Service support:
Error codes and error frequency online and as PDF download for workshop record

Machine location incl. GPS coordinates
Nearest postal address to the machine location
Coloured overview of which machines are in operation

Your benefits as a:

Operations manager
Do you want to increase your productivity and maintain a continuous overview?
Would you like to be able to display all key data at the push of a button?
Do you want to do away with handwritten documentation?


Workshop manager
Would you like to be able to display the machine status at any time?
Do you want to order the parts you need in good time?
Do you want to stop wasting time searching for the machine location?


Rental fleet operator
Do you want to know at a glance which machines are available?
Do you want to stop having to phone around to check operating hours?
Do you want to know the quantity processed, not just the working hours?


Machine operator
Are you tired of updating the machine logbook by hand every day?
Do you need a way to submit service requests in an uncomplicated way?
Do you want to impress your boss with high productivity?



How to get started

How to get remote insights

How to generate reports easily

How to fix an error

How to reset the weighing system


RM 70GO! 2.0

The RM 70GO! 2.0 conjures up to 150 t/h cubic high-quality grain from rubble, asphalt, concrete and natural rock. As a mobile crusher, it is the ideal machine for companies which have discovered recycling as a new and profitable line of business. Easy, compact and powerful.

RM 90GO!

High performance and profitable – these are the characteristics which best describe the RM 90GO!. Packed with versatility it transforms all mineral materials into high-quality cubic aggregate at up to 200 t/h. Thanks to its mobility it is at home in city centres as well as in the mountains.

RM 100GO!

The RM 100GO! is the star among the mobile crushers – a mobile power pack for every application. It is ready for action within minutes and can handle a wide variety of materials extremely quickly. Weighing in at only 29 t when empty, it crushes up to 250 tonnes of material per hour.

RM 120X

With its proven compactness and high throughput capacity, the RM 120X delivers enhanced safety and maximum flexibility. The interaction between the machine operator and the crusher enables maximum efficiency with maximum convenience.

RM V550GO!

The RM V550GO! combines the technology of a cone and a rotor centrifugal crusher. The crushing technology achieves an incomparably high degree of comminution. For this reason, the crusher is ideal for processing natural stone.