Iron ore, a natural mineral resource, is formed by the deposition of iron compounds over long periods of time. It plays a fundamental role in metallurgy and the production of iron and steel.

Iron ore is mined and processed to produce iron compounds for various industrial applications, making it an indispensable source for the metal industry and construction.


Possible uses of recycled iron ore

  • Raw material for the production of steel
  • Additive in concrete
  • Corrosion protection: coating on steel structures
  • Improving soil quality in agriculture

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RM MSC8500M-3D siebt Eisenerz in Brasilien

Steigende Preise für Eisenerz verändern den Wert von bisherigem „Abfall“. Mit dem RM MSC8500M-3D gewinnt Brazil Iron Mineração Ltda wertvollen Rohstoff aus 0/22 mm Eisenerz-Material aus dem Trocken-Bergbau. Der Durchsatz des mobilen Siebes übertraf dabei sogar die Erwartungen des Kunden.

Tripling the output with RM 90GO!

A jaw breaker in conjunction with the RM 90GO! enables the customer to produce the needed material just within two rounds. The increase in efficiency helped them to triple their output and save money. As a variety of different materials could be processed it perfectly fits the company’s requirements.