24h Service Hotline around the globe.

Purchasing a mobile crusher or screen from RM signals the start of a long-term partnership. RM Lifetime Support, with dedicated, highly trained RM sales and service partners gives you optimum support during the entire service life of the machine.

Our experienced technicians offer immediately assistance whenever you need it. They also provide advice relating to optimised machine settings to reduce costs during continuous operation. This support guarantees you profitable jobs and high added value.


RM Service Hotline International: +43 732 73 71 17-500
RM Service Hotline North America: (888) 388 6426

RM Wear costs calculator

Take advantage of the Active Wear Cost Management Service.

RM helps you to reduce running costs. Contact the RM team of experts at service@rubblemaster.com, and we will put together a multiple stage proposal for you:

  • Measures which result immediately in more performance and less wear without extra costs
  • Optimising the feed cycle and matching the crusher settings to the properties of the feed material and desired final aggregate
  • Selecting appropriate crusher hammers and impact plates
  • Implementing a screen/oversize grain separator for defined final grain while reducing crusher wear

Markus Zachl

After Sales Manager


+43 732 73 71 17-504

David Linemayr

After Sales - Technical Support


+43 732 73 71 17-514

Wolfgang Schwaha

After Sales - Technical Support


+43 732 73 71 17-510

Franz Gabriel

After Sales - Technical Support


+43 664 73 71 17-518

Philipp Ackerl

After Sales - Technical Support


+43 732 73 71 17-512

Christian Prieschl

After Sales - Technical Support


+43 732 73 71 17-516

Peter Kuttner

Field Service Engineer


+43 732 73 71 17-542

Rene Bognermayr

Field Service Engineer


+43 732 73 71 17 – 545

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