With the completely new trackmobile scalping screen RM H50X hybrid the RM Group puts screening on a level beyond known standards. Fuel savings from up to 25 % or even higher become reality.

Rocket your profit with this masterpiece of efficiency, versatility and simplicity, enabled by the revolutionary screen design and its electrification.

Technical data

Screenbox Surface: 4,200 mm x 1,225 mm (13’ 9” x 4’”) / Angle: 10° to 17.5°
Feed hopper Volume: 6 m³ (7.8 yd³) / Belt width: 1,100 mm (43”)
Oversize conveyor Belt width 1,200 mm (48”) / Discharge height: 3,260 mm to 3,920 mm (10’-0” to 12’-10”)
Midsize conveyor Belt width: 800 mm (31”) / Discharge height: 3,440 mm (11’ – 3”) á 25°
Fines conveyor Belt width: 800 mm (31”) / Discharge height: 3,440 mm (11’ – 3”) á 25°
Transport dimensions (L x W x H): 11,020 x 2,550 x 3,200 mm
Working dimensions (L x W x H): 13,600 x 14,100 x 4,200 mm
Weight: 23,900 kg





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USPs of the RM H50X hybrid


The hybrid drive saves up to 25 % fuel. If you combine the hybrid screen with a hybrid crusher you save even up to 50 % fuel. To use the electric mode you only flick a switch. This screen enables reduced maintenance costs and a low total cost of ownership.…


The RM H50X hybrid scores with extremely compact transport dimensions with a large screen surface at the same time, which enables high throughput. The easy swapping of discharge sides makes it simple to adapt the screen to any job site. Therefore, you will raise your profit.  


Stay safely in your excavator cabinet and operate your screen out of the dangerzone. This is realised through features like the all-in-one radio remote control, the RM operations assist that communicates via lights with the operator and RM XSMART. Find out more about this condition monitoring tool.  


Interlink your RM crushers and screens for highest profit. With your RM machines it is simply “plug&play”. Thanks to compatible feed and discharge heights and the RM NEXT Level electrification you only plug in your RM H50X hybrid at your crusher and save up to 33 % on fuel.


Increase productive uptimes through a faster and intuitive machine set-up, a change to 2-way-split without tools within minutes, an excellent access for a far easier screen media change and an easy access to the engine cabin for service tasks. RM XSMART will also facilitate your daily business.