Waste is not only found in construction, but also in industry, for example glass, slag, bricks or ceramics. The special crushing method with the mobile impact crusher makes an RM Compact Crusher ideal for such materials as well.

Production residues or rejects are quickly turned into new and 100 % pure recycling raw material for immediate reuse. Processed ceramics, for example, are returned to production or used as a brightener in the asphalt industry.


Possible uses of recycled ceramics

  • Sports facility construction
  • Path chippings for gardens and landscaping
  • Drainage material for green roofs
  • Banquet fillings
  • stabilised trench filling material
  • Aggregate in building materials and
    concrete production

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Production waste: ceramics

A company wanted to reuse its waste ceramics: the RM 60 crusher processes ceramic wet room tiles and other ceramic waste to form reusable material. Some 500 tonnes are crushed every week in 12 hours with two shifts working five days a week and earning a ton of cash.