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At the beginning of May 2023, a new subsidiary RUBBLE MASTER SEA Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore, expanding the company’s worldwide coverage and the RM Family with a new presence in Asia.


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Change of management at RUBBLE MASTER

Gerald Hanisch is withdrawing from the operational business of the RM Group and focusing on his role as owner. Mr Hanisch is and will remain “Mr Rubble Master” and will continue to represent the RM Group and, as founder, be the face to the outside world. Günther Weissenberger will take his place as CEO with immediate effect. Rudolf Schöflinger will take on the role of CSO, and Bernhard Fischereder will join as CTO on 1 June, rounding off the management team.

Product Champion Meeting LATAM

From February 28 to March 1, 2024, the Product Champions Meeting Latam took place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The meeting was a complete success and provided an excellent opportunity for our dealers from various Latin American countries to network and learn about the latest developments in our products.

Recycling of slag & concrete

Pioneering application in Argentina: For 4 years now, the customer of RM dealer COVEMA S.A.C.I.F. has been crushing concrete and slag with the RM 100GO! crusher in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Impact crusher improves grain quality in southern France

Processing recycling material independently, flexibly and regardless of the location whilst obtaining high-quality final aggregate as a result. This was the requirement of a French customer of RM sales partner I.M.H. With the RM 90GO! crusher, including wind sifter, acquired for the first time in February, this is now a reality.

RM crusher impresses Greek customer on a tight construction site

Manoeuvrable, mobile, easy to commission and environmentally friendly. These criteria were decisive for the recycling centre operator Solid Waste Recycling Company P.C. from Larisa, Greece, when purchasing their crusher for the first time from the Greek RM sales partner Helma SA. The RM 70GO! 2.0 was just what they needed.

The VIRTUAL WORLD of the RM Group

During the pandemic, virtual 3D worlds were increasingly used to offer customers at least a virtual tour of the trade fair. These new 3D worlds will develop rapidly and will probably replace websites in the future, as they offer new possibilities for presentation and collaboration.

Fully electric: customer crushes gravel with RM crusher using power from the grid

RM customer Welbers in Wemb, North Rhine-Westphalia, crushes up to 110 tonnes of gravel per hour with their RM 100GO! hybrid, fully electric, connected to the grid. The results speak for themselves because fully electric drive reduces energy costs by around 50%, the total operating costs by 11% per year, and it also protects the environment.


With an export quota of 96 percent, the Linz-based machine manufacturer is a model company from the region. With this in mind, 21 delegates from the Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to RUBBLE MASTER last Friday. During a tour of the company premises, the WKO delegates were able to see the open corporate culture, the innovative technology and the RM spirit for themselves.

Dealer Network

RUBBLE MASTER dealers provide world-class equipment and service support. More than 80 dealers in 110 countries and offices in Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United States ensure the superior support that our customers deserve.

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