Construction waste is made up of a variety of materials, including mortar, bricks and cement- and lime-based materials, which gives it its characteristic reddish colour. As an important component of the construction industry, building rubble has considerable recycling potential. However, in its unprocessed state, construction waste can hardly be reused, if at all.

In Europe, it is forbidden to reuse contaminated construction waste without processing it, as the chemical contaminants can jeopardise the groundwater. Contaminated rubble must be separated from harmful substances and disposed of properly at recycling centres. Otherwise, the material must be disposed of in a landfill.


Uses of recycled construction debris

  • Sports facility construction
  • Path splitting for gardens and landscaping
  • Banquet spills
  • Steady Rest Filler
  • Building backfill
  • Noise barriers

Applications of crushed recycling sand

  • Cable sand for bedding of energy and
    Telecommunications cables
  • Sand for laying pipes/Water pipes
  • Other infrastructure

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Reprocessing and recycling construction waste

Large, unmixed chunks of rubble have high potential for reuse, provided they are properly processed to remove all impurities and contaminants. To produce reusable rubble, the fine materials with a grain size of 0-20 mm, which usually contain chemical impurities, must be screened and disposed of in landfill sites. The remaining construction waste can be processed by the impact crusher and separated from additional impurities (plastic, wood insulation, etc.) using an air separator. The recycled rubble can then be used, for example, to backfill the site or for hall substructures.

Tips for a higher quality end product when crushing construction waste

Ideally, buildings are selectively dismantled directly on site during demolition. Dadurch können die meisten Fremdstoffe aussortiert und eine Vermischung mit den mineralischen Materialien vermieden werden. This makes the subsequent recycling process considerably easier and ensures a high-quality end product.

RM Brecher bereitet Bauschutt auf
Bauschutt aufbereitet

Difference: Construction waste & mixed construction waste

Not to be confused with construction waste is non-mineral mixed construction waste, which contains additional materials such as glass, wood and plastic and must be disposed of separately. Generally, mixed construction waste is more expensive to dispose of than construction waste and must be disposed of separately. An air separator is used in the next step to remove further impurities. At RM, this is integrated directly into the crusher and reduces the recycling process by one step.


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What is construction waste made of?
Construction waste consists of mortar, bricks and cement- and lime-bound materials. Mixed construction waste is often also referred to as building rubble, but this also contains non-mineral materials such as wood, plastic and glass.

Can I reuse construction waste?
Yes, but only if the material is unmixed and does not contain any impurities. Construction waste that has already been used is often already chemically contaminated and must not be reused as it can poison the groundwater and cause damage to health.

How can I reuse construction waste?
0-20 mm material is sieved off. This contains chemical impurities and is unusable. Once the clean material has been separated from the contaminated material, it can be crushed into the desired grain size using an RM crusher.

What colour is construction waste?
Building rubble consists partly of bricks and therefore has a reddish colour.

Does construction waste contain wood?
No, construction waste consists of mineral components such as bricks and lime-bound materials. Mixed construction waste, however, consists mainly of non-mineral components such as wood, glass and plastic and is often confused with construction waste. Please note – mixed construction waste must be disposed of separately.


Highest quality of end aggregate with RM 120X

Australian company NTEX is specialized in resource recovery. Following the desire to stand out and get the best out of their work, NTEX acquired a RUBBLE MASTER crusher, RM 120X. Find out why it was a game changer and a great success for the company.

RM crusher impresses Greek customer on a tight construction site

Manoeuvrable, mobile, easy to commission and environmentally friendly. These criteria were decisive for the recycling centre operator Solid Waste Recycling Company P.C. from Larisa, Greece, when purchasing their crusher for the first time from the Greek RM sales partner Helma SA. The RM 70GO! 2.0 was just what they needed.

Hybrid screen is fully eco compliant

RM hybrid machines save the environment from emissions and unnecessary noise. They also save the operator up to 25% in fuel costs. Find out why SARL Galgani TP & Recyclage has now brought an RM MSC8500e hybrid screen to the Côte d’Azur in addition to their RM 100GO! crusher.

Mobile scalper RM HS5000M screens gravel for Swedish machine park operator

In 2018, Marklund & Son already invested in a RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher, the RM 90GO!. Due to the crusher’s top performance and the excellent service provided by their RM dealer, the machine park operator invested in a mobile scalper – again with the RM Group.

When crushers and beer crates rock

Josef Hamminger’s core business is reclaimed building materials. He demolishes around 200 old farm buildings a year and also processes the C&D waste. For more flexibility, he has now purchased his own RM crusher. What crushing has to do with feelings and beer crates, you can find out here.

Flexibility and reliability

Der RM 90GO! von Hermann Dünser läuft, wenn er ihn braucht. Diese Verlässlichkeit der RM Prallbrecher weiß der Österreicher schon seit mehr als 20 Jahren zu schätzen. Erfahren Sie warum er sich für seinen Ein-Mann-Betrieb den „Luxus“ eines eigenen Brechers trotzdem gönnt.

Great equipment breeds great success

Stilo Paving & Excavating improves itself constantly by keeping an eye out for innovative new equipment. Bobby Stilo and his team offer complete site work services to their clients. Having grown with the RM product line, Stilo Paving made material screening and crushing a big part of its business.

KIBAG Group builds on RM Service

First-class service, low diesel consumption and reliable performance even at temperatures above 40 °C persuaded the Swiss KIBAG RE AG to purchase an RM 120GO!. The compact crusher processes concrete and C&D waste for concrete production in the canton of Zurich.

We crush everything that can be crushed!

The Swiss company Loretz SA has been an RM customer for around seventeen years. Back then, the construction company started with an RM80 and later acquired a RM 100GO! They are currently using a compact RM 120GO! crusher unit to process a wide variety of materials on site.

A milestone in recycling

Waste separation, recycling and recycling management – all of this is still completely new in Cancún. It is therefore all the more gratifying that the municipality in Cancún, together with RUBBLE MASTER, is implementing a project that is so far unique in promoting the recycling of C&D waste and concrete.

Growth thanks to efficient RM crusher

The easy operation and fast availability of RM impact crushers were convincing arguments for Eddie Wannop. The increase in orders recently led to the purchase of an RM 90GO! crusher. The english construction company can now fulfil customer wishes with the usual high level of quality even faster.

RM 90GO! on the legendary Route 66

The RM 90GO! operated by Billy Todd – Owner of “108 Excavating” in Flagstaff/Arizona, USA, had its début in a truly historical location: a hotel on the legendary Route 66. The job involved processing and recycling the demolished material on site.

Calm crushing in London's city centre

Reducing noise, emissions and dust is the main goal of the Clean Air Action Plan in London. That is why many demolition companies rely on the RM 70GO! 2.0 mobile crusher, because it fulfils the legal requirements and is easy to manoeuvre even on the smallest inner city job sites.

RM wind sifter generates new business

High end aggregate quality, wide variety of application opportunities and quick and easy transport are the most important requirements in contract processing. And this is precisely what the RM 100GO! of Frühwirth GmbH offers. The new RM wind sifter produces even purer end aggregate which in turn generates new orders.

RM Wind Sifter Increases Product Quality

The RM 90GO! is the second of RUBBLE MASTER’S mobile impact crushers to be bought by a Spanish family-owned company. The built-in wind sifter, which ensures an even better quality of final product, played a crucial role in the decision.

90% onsite recycling rate on city centre site

The RM 70GO! solved the problem of removing demolition material in a small, contained inner city environment. The compact mobile crusher processed 600 tonnes of aggregate in central Manchester per day. At the end the customer saved £13,840.00 within two days through onsite recycling

RM 100GO! goes to Finland

Recently an RM 100GO! with a wind sifter started to crush C&D waste at a recycling site in the south of Finland. Thanks to the new RM 100GO!, which is already the second machine bought by the customer, and a new environmental license, the company can now grow its recycling business.

City construction sites are no problem

Construction sites in the city are a challenge. Thanks to its compact size, the RM 70GO! squeezes into tight spaces and saves on high transport costs. The old material is processed on site to make new materials. A triumph for the environment, without the noise of transport at night.

New routes in road building

Road building sites need flexible crushers where they enjoy a total win-win situation: local street maintenance services spend less on buying materials and less material needs to be stockpiled. That’s how you really save money.

Less dust and noise with RM at Ground Zero in New York

Ground Zero in New York is an awe inspiring location demanding that the recycling company keep noise and emissions as low as possible. Properties that the RM 70GO! possesses even while producing at high outputs. The crusher is completely at home despite the restricted space.

Recycling at your own recycling yard

What started as a florist’s shop in 1959 is today a road building and construction business with 40 employees. The company processes the demolition waste generated in road building and building construction at its own recycling yard. After renting for some years, they finally purchased an RM80.

Transport and excavation firm processes C&D oversized grain

The German haulage and excavation company had been hiring RM Compact Crushers for a number of years. When they decided to invest in a crusher of its own, the first thought was: it has to be an RM crusher! The RM 80GO! impresses with its flexible characteristics, its straightforward handling and being ready

Trash depot is American gold mine

An American businessman based in New Jersey/USA understood how to respond to needs rapidly. The RM 80GO! enabled his firm to enter into C&D waste recycling and open up a new, profitable line of business to expand the range of services offered at the trash depot.

New line of business: recycling C&D waste materials

Valuable construction and demolition debris asking to be used again. A container service firm chose the RM 60 with which they very soon found their way to a profitable 10,000 tons a year of C&D waste. This was processed to a final product with a quality much appreciated by their customers.