River gravel, a mixture of coarse rock fragments, is formed by natural processes such as erosion, weathering and deposition. Crushed river gravel has many uses in the construction industry, such as road building,

concrete production, landscaping and drainage systems. Its strength and drainage properties make it valuable for various construction applications.


Possible uses of recycled gravel

  • Subgrade paving for driveways, car parks and access roads
  • Drainage systems
  • Additional material for concrete production
  • As subsoil for foundations
  • Sports fields
  • Sound insulation

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Fully electric: customer crushes gravel with RM crusher using power from the grid

RM customer Welbers in Wemb, North Rhine-Westphalia, crushes up to 110 tonnes of gravel per hour with their RM 100GO! hybrid, fully electric, connected to the grid. The results speak for themselves because fully electric drive reduces energy costs by around 50%, the total operating costs by 11% per year, and it also

Precision screening of river rock with RM

CP Ptuj in Slovenia has been working with the RM 100GO! together with a mesh deck screen and pivoting refeeding belt since 2016. As the company appreciates the high quality it purchased a tracked mobile post-screen from RM this year. This combination now crushes and screens extremely abrasive river rock from the Drau.

Impressive RM V550GO! performance in Argentina

At the beginning of the year the RM V550GO! made light work of transforming 0-200 mm river rock into fine 0-19 mm value grain. The awesome capacity and low diesel consumption were key in the Argentine company’s decision to purchase the RM V550GO!.

RM crusher impressive in roadbuilding

The first RM crusher in Nepal – an RM 70GO! 2.0 – has been in action since February 2017. River rock is processed at an average capacity of 120-130 t/hour to make 0/45 aggregate which is reused immediately in roadbuilding.

Endurance in riverbed gravel

Building roads to connect to eastern Mexico was difficult because of the problematic terrain. It was necessary to prepare materials on site because of the remote locations of the construction sites. The RM 70GO! is ideal for challenges like this. Its manoeuvrability make it a perfect machine.

Crushing gravel with 90% quartz content

Processing 24,000 tons of gravel with a quartz content of around 90 percent to produce 0-32 mm value grain – that was the right challenge for the RM 100GO!. The mobile power pack with its wear-resistant hammers rose to this challenge in the Vienna basin extremely economically. Excavator and loader drivers are impressed.

Crushing gravel and C&D waste

No matter whether it is C&D waste or part of the 90,000 m³ of gravel crushed annually. A Swiss company is impressed with the 29 tonne light RM 100GO!, giving it top marks for the ease with which it can be quickly transported from one site to the next.