Get the most important key figures sent directly to the excavator cab on-site, regardless of network coverage – the latest evolution of RM GO! SMART into RM XSMART makes this possible! Never again do you have to update handwritten logbooks. What is more, you receive valuable feedback on the current crusher and screen settings and can troubleshoot effortlessly using guided error solving routines.

Are you tired of constantly having to make phone calls to instruct fuel tankers and coordinate services? RM XSMART continuously records diesel and AdBlue levels on each machine so that the fuel tanker can be dispatched in advance to avoid waiting times and reduce stress. The bottom line is that more material can be processed in less time and is immediately ready to be reused.

Increase efficiency. Make things easier.

  • Because the motor load display is updated every second, the load can be kept as uniform as possible. This is how maximum performance is achieved.
  • The throughput recorded by the belt scales shows you how well the crusher or screen is working and whether any adjustments are needed.
  • If error codes are displayed, troubleshooting routines are available so that productive operation can be resumed as quickly as possible.

Get information. Optimise operations.

  • You can check the fuel level at any time without having to enter the danger zone around the machine because it is displayed on your smartphone.
  • You can also monitor the crusher rotor speed from the excavator cab, and adjust it without leaving the cab.
  • If an error occurs, you’ll get the corresponding error codes displayed directly on your smartphone and pushed to wearables such as smartwatches. This lets you decide without leaving the excavator whether the error needs to be rectified immediately, or whether you can continue processing because it is only a warning.

Provide data. Save time.

  • RM XSMART provides fuel consumption data automatically, so you no longer need to perform manual checks to keep track of running costs.
  • To display the operating hours, simply open the app on your smartphone from the excavator cab. This means that they are immediately available in the event of error codes being displayed or service requests.
  • There is no longer any need to fill in a daily performance report. A report containing the operating data of each machine is generated automatically and sent every day to save you time.
  • Tags can be used to notify the fleet manager at any time if spare parts, service or support is needed.

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