With an export quota of 96 percent, the Linz-based machine manufacturer is a model company from the region. With this in mind, 21 delegates from the Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to RUBBLE MASTER last Friday. Among them were Mariana Kühnel, M.A., Deputy Secretary General, Michael Otter, Head of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, Florian Zeppetzauer, Head of Export Center Upper Austria and Dr Elisabeth Czachay, Project Manager Export Center Upper Austria. During a tour of the company premises, the WKO delegates were able to see the open corporate culture, the innovative technology and the RM spirit for themselves.

RUBBLE MASTER’s success is based, among other things, on the close cooperation between the departments, which is also reflected in the spatial design of the company, as the production hall and the offices are only separated by glass walls. “This openness not only promotes communication between the teams, but also creates an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. And these factors are crucial to our success on the global market. The export ratio of 96 per cent underlines our competitiveness and also our strategic orientation. North and South America and South East Asia in particular are important growth markets for us, which we are focussing on,” says Gerald Hanisch, founder and CEO of the RM Group.

Back in June, the crusher and screen manufacturer was honoured with the silver export award in the trade and crafts category. The Upper Austrian company exports its mobile crushers and screens for recycling building materials to over 110 countries around the world. “The reception by the Chamber of Commerce and the award of the Export Prize are confirmation of our efforts and success on the global market. Our focus on innovative mobile crushers and screens for recycling building materials has not only made us a flagship for Upper Austria, but also a reliable partner worldwide,” concludes CFO Günther Weissenberger.