At the beginning of the month, RUBBLE MASTER’s new apprentices start an exciting chapter in their training. RUBBLE MASTER offers a field of activity in a dynamic, globally active and sustainably thinking company. Potential apprentices can choose from a range of varied and future-oriented apprenticeships at RM. Among other things, we offer apprenticeships for office clerks, mechatronics engineers, computer scientists, metalwork technicians and agricultural and construction machinery technicians. Each year RUBBLE MASTER hires between three and seven new apprentices. Training normally starts in August, but we also welcome people who are looking for a career change at any time. “As a medium-sized company, we can respond to each individual apprentice in order to specifically promote their individual strengths,” says Regina Denkmayr, Head of Apprentice Training at the company. One of the new apprentices is Lukas Birklbauer who is completing an apprenticeship as an office clerk. In a short interview he provides an insight into his first days at the company.


Interview with Luka Birklbauer – office clerk apprentice


Interviewer: Why did you choose RUBBLE MASTER as your employer?

Luka: Mainly because of the good training they offer. I also think that RUBBLE MASTER has good prospects for the future, as it is a very large and successful company.

Interviewer: Which apprenticeship training course are you doing?

Luka: I am doing my apprenticeship as an office clerk.

Interviewer: What made you choose this career?

Luka: I think this is a profession that offers good opportunities for the future. If you have completed an apprenticeship in the office, you can also further your education in many other areas.

Interviewer: How do you like the rotation RUBBLE MASTER offers?

Luka: I like this system very much. You get an insight into the different departments and can then choose in which area you would like to work. You get a much better idea of the company as a whole.

Interviewer: What are you looking forward to most?

Luka: I am looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues and learning new skills along the way.

Interviewer: What do you hope for?

Luka: I hope to get a good education and a lot of new knowledge.

Interviewer: How were your first days at RUBBLE MASTER?

Luka: The last few days have been a lot of fun. The first day we went on a trip. The last two days were also very interesting because we were shown what to do at work and I felt that I was already being very productive.




Apprenticeship with added value

So that each apprentice can gain a good overview of the multi-faceted nature of the company, we introduced a rotation system. Through this rotation, apprentices can find out whether the occupation they have chosen really is the right one for them. Each apprentice goes through all departments during their apprenticeship and gets an impression of the different professions within the company. This gives the technician an insight into everyday office life and office apprentices learn how a crusher is made in production. In addition to the personalised apprenticeship offering, RUBBLE MASTER also offers apprentice trips and internships abroad.


Before the end of the apprenticeship, we plan the future and professional career together with the apprentices. Regina Denkmayr: “Approximately 60% of qualified apprentices remain with the company. The main reason for them staying with us is our long-term career planning, which also offers the opportunity to switch professions.” There are some examples of this, such as an apprentice who originally learned business logistics and also worked in this profession for several years. It was clear during ongoing discussions that he would like to move into the office at some point. Half a year ago he then moved to Purchasing and Regina Denkmayr is convinced that “This is a huge benefit for the company if there is a specialist in Purchasing who understands the process and has a view of the big picture. It’s a great example of how, after some time, we evaluate whether another job would be more suitable.”


At RUBBLE MASTER, acquiring professional knowledge is just the beginning and apprentices can expect much more from their new apprenticeship. Regina Denkmayr comments: “We teach background knowledge about the company in all departments so that the interrelationships can be seen, the network partners are familiar, and our philosophy is understood.” Language coaching, communication skills and presentation training are also provided. At RUBBLE MASTER, we say: “The sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning” and we acknowledge that everything can be achieved with hard work and effective performance. Regina Denkmayr emphasizes: “For us, it is not only certificates or university degrees that count, but also knowledge and hard work.”


Girl power

The company is constantly working on getting more girls interested in a technical apprenticeship. Regina Denkmayr emphasizes: “This is something that we need to continue promoting. We are especially happy about female applicants and have had extremely positive feedback so far. It’s a huge gain for a department when a woman joins it. Companies are smart when they rely on more women. However, this can fail if basic infrastructure such as changing rooms is not available, and women are prevented from pursuing a technical profession.” Regina Denkmayr is pleased to mention a positive example of a female trainee: “We have a trainee who is actually a qualified a kindergarten teacher (BAfEP) and is now working in a technical profession. She is extremely successful, wins awards and is in no way regarded as inferior to the lads.”


A choice of training formats

Approximately half of all RUBBLE MASTER apprentices complete their apprenticeship with the Austrian high school graduation certificate. RUBBLE MASTER supports this format wherever possible, and is able to coordinate working hours or offer study leave, if it is urgently needed, so that each apprentice can prepare for their exams. Regina Denkmayr says: “We always encourage our apprentices to choose this option. However, they still have to attend college and study hard.” You never stop learning, and because RUBBLE MASTER is committed to this philosophy, we continue to offer our employees up-to-date training and career development opportunities. Employees often go back to school again to obtain a university degree or qualify as a master foreman.


RUBBLE MASTER is open to innovation and it has recently become possible to join RM in the professions of mechatronics and operational logistics through the Dual Academy of the Chamber of Commerce. This training format is specially designed for high school graduates and offers them a shortened apprenticeship period and a rapid career entry with a lucrative salary.


How to get started

The application process starts every year at the careers trade fair in Wels, which is from 02 to 05 October this year. Then the first applications arrive, with the majority coming in during November and December. We invite the applicants to come and visit us for a chat and try out a day working at RM. Potential apprentices should possess team and communication skills and show commitment, independence, friendliness and an interest in technology. Regina Denkmayr appreciates the potential of each applicant and would like to take away the fear of job interviews: “With technical apprentices, the interview is not at all formal. We will ask you, for example, if you have ever changed a car tyre. Office apprentices attend a hearing, which sounds a bit daunting, but just means that several applicants take part at the same time – so there are 6-8 people. Every year Regina Denkmayr looks forward to welcoming new apprentices and all potential applicants. If you want to join the “best team in the industry”, the Human Resources department would be happy to provide you with information about out apprenticeships.