Dear Customers and RM business partners,


We are taking the current developments and their effects on our customers, business partners and employees very seriously and want to fulfil our social responsibility. For this reason, the RM Group is supporting the Austrian government in all its preventive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and would like to inform you about the current situation at the RM Group.

Measures were already taken last week to ensure operations are maintained for our many satisfied customers worldwide, so that you can continue to make use of RM services in the usual manner. We are working to – among other things – reduce your waiting times and avoid unnecessary delays.


For this reason, we have thoroughly analysed all RM meetings and all events, project meetings and discussions in terms of feasibility and, above all, necessity. These will now either be held remotely, or cancelled. For the moment, we will not be having any direct face-to-face contact with our customers, dealerships or suppliers. All RM Academy trainings are cancelled until further notice. We ask for your understanding. Alternate dates will be announced and held as soon as possible. All members of staff who were on business trips have been brought back home to be with their families and cope with the situation as best they can. No RM Group employees will be sent on business trips until further notice.

This is for your safety, but also to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading by suppressing it as far as possible.


The availability of all RM Group departments for our customers, suppliers and business partners is a major issue for us and has been ensured by using the appropriate measures. Our Sales, Sales Support, After Sales and Parts departments will continue to be available and you can contact them at any time by phone or email. These measures will be monitored on an ongoing basis and will be reinforced should the situation so require.


The production of machinery and equipment in Austria and Northern Ireland as well as our worldwide spare parts supply will continue as usual to ensure that there are no outages or order cancellations. If changes should occur that affect labour laws or government regulations, we must, of course, take these into account and adjust our production volumes accordingly.


We wish you and your families and companies as well as our employees all the best and will keep you updated on any further measures in good time.


Many thanks for your support and the trust you have placed in the RM Group.


Christian Spicker

CSO – Chief Sales Officer