The FH University Upper Austria has carried out a number of projects working together with the RM Group over the years. Last week, FH University Wels presented their latest project on the topic of future trends in the construction industry to more than 20 RM employees from various international locations.

RUBBLE MASTER has been a pioneer from the very beginning and continues to set new standards in mobile reprocessing. To maintain this edge, it is necessary to continuously monitor and evaluate industry trends. This ensures that product developments meet future market needs. That is why 4 students on the Innovation and Product Management course developed a trend radar, which visualises the most important industry trends, categorises them into segments and shows the time horizon as well as their importance.

They have analysed 32 trends to identify the top 5 trends for the next five years and to review the current focus in product development. Trends were examined that met the following criteria:
• Concerning the whole market
• Bringing about medium or long-term change
• Based on the evolution of machines
• Are associated with other trends

The evaluation shows that the RM Group identified the right topics for the future at an early stage and already offers products that are aligned with the trends. The five main trends are:
1. Hybridisation
2. Networking of machines
3. Safety on site
4. Digitalisation
5. Electrification of hydraulic components

The next step involves analysing and evaluating more distant future trends with the help of the trend radar, while continuously monitoring and updating that status of short-term trends. We would like to thank Stefanie Hörburger, Thomas Achleitner, Thomas Hüttler and Mathias Weber and for their great work. We look forward to seeing how things develop during their internships and wish them all the best for their further studies.