Since the end of 2001 there has been an interface in Linz between the precision world of engineering and the lively multi-facetted world of art. Patron of the arts, Gerald Hanisch, created the RM KUNSTEREIGNISSE ("Art Events") as a forum for both famous and less well-known artists:

"The RM KUNSTEREIGNISSE are a vehicle for expressing and promoting our corporate culture, including the architecture of our company buildings and the style of the media we work with.
The intervention of artistic processes reinforces our creative potential, provides new ideas and enriches the environment in which we work.

The interesting thing is that this form interconnects seamlessly with our business activities and is not put on artificially. After all, what we want to achieve with the RM KUNSTEREIGNISSE is an expression of our appreciation of the artists' work.

That's because in a technology-oriented company like ours it is creativity that engineers the necessary transcendental aspect – away from linear thinking to more creative flexibility."For more information about future RM art events, please contact [email protected]