Recycling C&D waste and then reusing it has proven to be a fast growing field of application over the last few years. The extremely high-quality, cubic aggregate can be used in a variety of ways: for example as substructure material for roads or flooring, filling sewer trenches and cellar excavations.

It can also be used as aggregate in green roofing, in filling for uneven land and even as insulation material for district heating lines. There is no end to the application opportunities! Especially in connection with RM options such as the magnetic separator, you can produce first-class recycling material.

RM 90GO! on the legendary Route 66

The RM 90GO! operated by Billy Todd – Owner of “108 Excavating” in Flagstaff/Arizona, USA, had its début in a truly historical location: a hotel on the legendary Route 66. The job involved processing and recycling the demolished material on site.

RM Wind Sifter Increases Product Quality

The RM 90GO! is the second of RUBBLE MASTER’S mobile impact crushers to be bought by a Spanish family-owned company. The built-in wind sifter, which ensures an even better quality of final product, played a crucial role in the decision.

City construction sites are no problem

Construction sites in the city are a challenge. Thanks to its compact size, the RM 70GO! squeezes into tight spaces and saves on high transport costs. The old material is processed on site to make new materials. A triumph for the environment, without the noise of transport at night.

New routes in road building

Road building sites need flexible crushers where they enjoy a total win-win situation: local street maintenance services spend less on buying materials and less material needs to be stockpiled. That’s how you really save money.

Less dust and noise with RM at Ground Zero in New York

Ground Zero in New York is an awe inspiring location demanding that the recycling company keep noise and emissions as low as possible. Properties that the RM 70GO! possesses even while producing at high outputs. The crusher is completely at home despite the restricted space.

Recycling at your own recycling yard

What started as a florist’s shop in 1959 is today a road building and construction business with 40 employees. The company processes the demolition waste generated in road building and building construction at its own recycling yard. After renting for some years, they finally purchased an RM80.

Transport and excavation firm processes C&D oversized grain

The German haulage and excavation company had been hiring RM Compact Crushers for a number of years. When they decided to invest in a crusher of its own, the first thought was: it has to be an RM crusher! The RM 80GO! impresses with its flexible characteristics, its straightforward handling and being ready

Trash depot is American gold mine

An American businessman based in New Jersey/USA understood how to respond to needs rapidly. The RM 80GO! enabled his firm to enter into C&D waste recycling and open up a new, profitable line of business to expand the range of services offered at the trash depot.

New line of business: recycling C&D waste materials

Valuable construction and demolition debris asking to be used again. A container service firm chose the RM 60 with which they very soon found their way to a profitable 10,000 tons a year of C&D waste. This was processed to a final product with a quality much appreciated by their customers.