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Dominate the jobsite with more intelligence about your operation

RM XSMART telemetry and fleet management helps you to optimize your processes and make more money.

Access machine telemetry and track tonnages conveniently on your cell phone or computer.

Maximize your profits

Cover your blind spots with more data and comprehensive reporting functionality. Optimize your processes and improve your bottom line.

Simple & fast settings

Minimize your downtime

A smooth operation minimizes your downtime. Keep track of fluid levels and maintenance schedules with ease.


Crusher service

Facilitate service work

RM XSMART connects the dots between your machine, your operator, your dealer, and RUBBLE MASTER to save time and reduce service costs.


More clarity. Better decisions.

Performance indicators. Reporting. Documentation.



If you don't have clarity about your operating costs, tonnage output, and the condition of your machine you...

  • waste time finding all the facts

  • face increased costs through blind spots in your operation

  • delay decisions because of incomplete information

  • face more downtime as a result of missing information and lack of service alerts

  • face increased costs because of a limited dealer and manufacturer integration

RM XSMART helps you to get more done in a day!

Less downtime. Less idle time. Lower operating costs.

Track Utilization

Monitor machine utilization such as engine load, idle time, and fuel consumption.


Locate your machine via GPS

Keep an overview of your fleet and plan efficient fuel or service truck runs.

Plan fueling and maintenance

Check fuel and DEF levels remotly. Receive critical service alerts. Check the hours on your machine.

Facilitate Reporting

Send PDF reports to your billing office or client. Visualize performance. Receive automated reports.

Digitalize your performance documentation

Keep a track record of your output. Analyse and improve your operation. Accelerate billing. Satisfy local authorities.

Fact Based Decisions

RM XSMART provides you with quantifyable results so that you can make better decisions to improve your profits.


RM XSMART works on all devices and is not dependent on continuous cell service.

Select reporting time-frameX

Easy to monitor projects and billing cycles.

Locate your machine fasterX

Start navigating immideatly to the machine's last known position.

Visualize your performanceX

Easy to monitor and review projects to improve your performance sustainably.

Keep track of machine statsX

Operating hours. Service intervals. Fuel and DEF levels.


Optional integrated belt scale to faciltiate reporting and billing

Track production performance conveniently from your cab or office. Zero belt scale from your cab. Send PDF productivity reports to your billing back-office or client.

Your path to get access to your machine telemetry


Get Your Machine Registered

Fill out the form below and let us know about your machine purchase so that we can add your machine to your profile. Please accept the user agreement.

If you have more than one machine you need to fill out this form for each serial number.


Get a RM XSMART Account

Once you got your machine registered you can immediately proceed with creating your personal account on the RM XSMART online platform.

👉 click here to sign-up

Please note: it takes up to 3 business days until we have verified your request and the machine shows up in your RM XSMART account.


Get It Done

Dominate the jobsite with more clarity about your operation. You’ll spend time getting the job done - not chasing documentation and productivity reports. You’ll spend more time crushing and less time with paperwork every day you're on the job.


Heavy-duty design

Dominate Your Jobsite with More Knowledge

At RUBBLE MASTER, we care about your bottom line. We understand a smooth operation = more profit. We also understand that good decisions are based on good intelligence. Our mission is to help you get the most out your material processes so that you can make more money per produced ton.

RUBBLE MASTER is leading the pack with innovative digital solutions to make your life easier

Mobile connectivity, electric drives, and managing big data are industry mega-trends. RUBBLE MASTER is again putting a foot foward to provide cutting edge solutions to maximize your profits and minimize your downtime.

The telemetry is standard on all jaw & impact crusher models Free for 12 months from date of activation
Inlet opening
Transport dimension
RM 120X Mobile Impactor RM 120X
Impact Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
1,160 x 820 mm 46" x 32"
16,180 x 2,990 x 3,600 mm 52‘10” x 9‘11” x 10‘6“
44,000 kg 95,000 lbs
learn more
RM 100GO! Tracked Impact Crusher RM 100GO!
Impact Crusher
250 tph 275 TPH
950 x 700 mm 37" x 28"
14,700 x 2,860 x 3,155 mm 48'3" x 9'5" x 10'5"
33,600 kg 74,500 lbs
learn more
RM 90GO! Compact Crusher RM 90GO!
Impact Crusher
200 tph 220 TPH
860 x 650 mm 34" x 25"
13,470 x 2,550 x 3,050 mm 44'2" x 8'5" x 10'
28,400 kg 62,500 lbs
learn more
RM 70GO! Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0
Impact Crusher
150 tph 165 TPH
760 x 600 mm 30" x 23"
13,300 x 2,360 x 3,100 43'8" x 7'9" x 10'2"
24,200 kg 53,400 lbs
learn more
Make more money

Accelerate reporting and billing.
Make more money.

You work too hard to waste time with burdensome processes and money with incorrect estimates. Easy and fast access to all your project and tonnage data makes light work of crunching numbers.

RM XSMART is a must have for anybody who rents machines.


"Our rental business has over 200 machines and it is hard to keep track of them. A fleet management system with location information, status, and condition of our machines is crucial for us. That is why we work with a RM 100GO! crusher to benefit from the data provided by RUBBLE MASTER's fleet management tool."

Peter Hopf, owner of Erdbau Mietpark Peter Hopf e.U. (general excavating and rental contractor in Austria)

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Since 1991, RUBBLE MASTER has brought numerous innovations to the market. We’re crushing & screening experts and work closely with contractors and aggregate producers world-wide.