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Turn your soils into money with a mobile topsoil screener

Screened topsoil is processed with a screening plant and sifted through a mesh screen. The screening process seggregates and debris, stones and clay clumps. This type topsoil is very appealing to look at and a good choice for growing different plants, or lay a lawn.


Higher Quality Product

Screened topsoil is a uniform product that can be raked, graded and installed easily. It is used as a top layer for growing a lawn, planting vegetables or for gardening.

Increase Your Profits

Turn an inert material or low value material into a high value commodity.


Take Control of Your Own Material

Using quality products is part of your good reputation. Owning a topsoil screener allows you to manage what you put into your own screened topsoil so that you have a consistent high quality.

Inert material is taking up space and costing money.

If your topsoil screener is not versatile enough you...

  • limit yourself growing your business
  • waste time with an underpowered machine
  • struggle with screening efficiency
  • miss job opportunities that increase your ROI

RUBBLE MASTER mobile topsoil screens make you more money!

Maximize profits. Minimize downtime.

One Machine, Multiple Applications

Works well in topsoil screening applications as well as heavy-duty scalping applications and precision aggregate screening.

Heavy Duty

They are designed to take the brunt. Bulky material in your feed, such as rock, boulders, concrete slabs, doesn't hurt the machine.


3-Way Split

Produce 2 or 3 finished products.

How does a topsoil screener work?

You shovel the material into a hopper. The hopper feeds the material in the screen-box. A screen-box is an inclined structural frame with top and bottom screen decks mounted on springs. The vibration of the screen-box in combination with the incline pitch the material forward over the screen decks. Oversize material can move freely over the top deck and is discharged to the front of the machine. Mid-size and fine-size material (screened topsoil) are stockpiled on each side.


The screen-box can be equipped with different types of screen media. The top deck is typically more heavy-duty to take the brunt of the infeed material while the bottom deck does your final material sizing.

Application Videos

Screening topsoil at a housing project in Ontario The RM HS3500M is a compact scalping screen ideal for contractors who want to screen excavated soil products but also other materials.
Screening contaminated sandy topsoil in Florida The RM HS5000M is ideal for excavated materials with bulky contaminants such as branches, roots and other debris.
Screening topsoil in New Jersey The RM HS5000M screener has a highly aggressive screen-box to avoid the need to re-screen your waste product.
Mobile Topsoil Screener The RM HS-Series Scalping Screens are a versatile mobile topsoil screening plant to process all your excavated soil and remove any unwanted contaminents such as roots, branches, leaves, stones, clay and other debris.
RM HS3500M RM HS3500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
200 tph 220 TPH
2,743 x 1,220 mm 4 x 9 ft
2 2
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RM HS5000M RM HS5000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
300 tph 330 TPH
3,660 x 1,420 mm 5 x 12 ft
2 2
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RM HS7500M RM HS7500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
450 tph 450 TPH
4,880 x 1,525 mm 5 x 16 ft
2 2
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RM HS11000M RM HS11000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
600 tph 600 TPH
18,300 x 6,100 mm 6 x 20 ft
2 2
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