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RUBBLE MASTER Service Support in North America

Expert advice and troubleshooting support from the East Coast to the West Coast and all the way to Hawaii and Guam.

Service Second to None

RUBBLE MASTER understands that when your equipment goes down, it doesn’t just cost you time, it costs you money. That’s why, when you choose RUBBLE MASTER, you get more than great equipment, you get the industry’s best service and support.

24/7 service support

24/7 Factory Support

At RUBBLE MASTER we understand that you can't wait until the next day for somebody to respond because downtime costs you money. Our American service team along with the factory support you 24/7 so that you minimize downtime and maximize profits.

Factory direct trainings

Service Close to You

RUBBLE MASTER's strong dealer network across the United States and Canada and HQs near Dallas, Texas make sure that you get the premium service you deserve, so that you get the most out of your equipment and grow your business.


Ease of Use

Simple Procedures

We try to keep friction to a minimum with short, timely, and easy processes so that you reduce the hassles of chasing responses and focus on making money.





When your machine is down your profits and reputation are at stake.

If your machine is not easy to work on you're wasting hours getting the job done, you are overwhelmed by the complexity, and it feels like you need a scientist to work on the machine, and the production loss can't be made up anymore.

Your path to fast service support


Get your machine serial number and year of manufacture before you call


Get your local dealer involved

If there is no dealer in your state/province contact RUBBLE MASTER directly. We won't charge you to troubleshoot over the phone.



Get it fixed



Global Dealer Network

RUBBLE MASTER dealers provide world-class equipment and service support. More than 80 dealers in 110 countries and subsidiaries in the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and China ensure the superior support that our customers deserve.


Operator Trainings

Whether you purchased a RUBBLE MASTER used or you've got a new crew on board an on-site factory training is money well spent. Best of all, it is a flat rate - from Alaska to Florida, from Ontario to Texas and all the points in between.


Can't find what you are looking for?

Contact our service representatives directly.


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