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Tracked Conveyors

Stockpile crushed, screened, and shredded materials efficiently to improve your bottom line right off the bat.




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Pair your crusher, screen, or shredder with a tracked conveyor to maximize production and minimizing operating costs.

Tracked conveyors are the best way to transfer materials. RUBBLE MASTER MTS-Series 50' and 80' stacking conveyors are highly mobile and work well with mobile crushing & screening plants.




Move more material in a day

Stacking conveyors keep your crusher, screen, or shredder at peak performance.

Quality product

Create better stockpiles

Efficient use of speace eliminating material segregation, compaction, and contamination.

Reduce operating costs. Maximize profits.

Tracked stackers run at a fraction of the cost of a wheel loader. Cut labor costs.


Safe to use

Improved jobsite safety

Wheel loaders and other moving equipment are a significant work hazard.

Reduced loader dependency

Get the freedom to run with a skinny crew and a lower investment.

Fits on most trailers

Ideal for contractors on the move

RUBBLE MASTER tracked conveyors fold hydraulically for transport and can be moved on a lowboy trailer.


The best processing operation will cost you a lot of money if your wheel loader doesn't keep up with your quota.

It's a fact -- stacking conveyors make your operation more efficient.and improve your bottom line. At RUBBLE MASTER we have various size tracked-mounted stacking conveyors so you can pair your crusher or screen with the right size stacker.

50' and 80' tracked conveyors to match small and large crushers, screens, and shredders

RUBBLE MASTER MTS-Series tracked stackers are highly mobile and fit most mobile crushing & screening plants.

50ft tracked conveyor for stockpiling aggregates

Low feed heightX

Easy material transfer from a crusher, screen, or shredder.

Fuel saving engineX

Cut your fuel burn in half compared to a wheel loader.

Folds/Lowers hydraulically for transportX

Get the machine ready for transport quickly and easily.

Easy to move

Go Anywhere, Anytime

RUBBLE MASTER understands that when it comes to mobile processing you can't afford to lose money to lengthy setup times. You need to show up and GO!. That's why our line of tracked stackers are easy to setup within minutes without the need of special hand tools so that you can see profits coming off the belt faster.

4 Ways Tracked Conveyors Save Dollars Right Off the Bat

(1) Eliminate the Wheel Loader and Improve your Operating Costs

Moving material with a wheel loader is the most costly way of moving mateiral from the crusher, screen, or shredder to its final stockpile. Besides wear and tear and fuel costs you use your loader for a relatively "menial job" instead of using it at another job to make more money.

A CAT 966 medium-size wheel loader costs you approx $100 per hour and up to $150 per hour with an operator. While a loader might burn 4 - 4½ US gal of fuel an hour a stacking conveyor burns 1 - 2 US gal per hour cutting your fuel burn easily in half.


Example cost calculation stacking conveyor vs wheel loader
Crushing hours 40 hours
Loader hours (assuming the loader does not run all day) 25 hours
Cost to operate the loader per hour (what you could bill out to a customer) $100 per hour
Total loader operating costs per week $2,500 per week
Monthly lease payment for a tracked stacker starts at $1,500 $375 per week
Stacker fuel costs @ $5.50 per US gal and a fuel consumption of $2 US gal / h $440 per week
Cost savings $1,685 per week


(2) Minimize Labor Costs

Good opreators are often hard to find and get paid much more than minimum wage. Using a tracked stacker eliminates the need for an operator so that you can use him elsewhere.

  • No expensive overtime costs
  • No holidays or sick leaves
  • In some instances, your material processing operation becomes a one-man operation.

Loader operator costs

Example cost calculation - labor cost savings
Loader operator salary 14 per hours
Labor cost savings $560 per week


(3) Maximize production and value produced

Tracked stackers allow for a continuous production and reduce downtime.

  • No material runs
  • No running empty
  • No wait time
  • Ni interruptions because a truck needs to be loaded


Mobile material processing plants have limited stockpile capacities with their onboard main discharge conveyors.As a result, it is often a full time job to keep material from piling up against the head drum. Using a tracked conveyor minimizes idle time and maximizes production.


Estimated crusher capacity 150 tons per hours
Running an additional 30 minutes a day equates 300 tons of material
Additional value produced (assuming a material price of $6 per ton) $1,800 worth of material


(4) Less Capital Spend and Improved Cash Flow

Cash flow is essential to keep your business growing. On average a CAT 966 wheel loader retails in the high $400k range which holds you back from growing your business with other needed equipment. Tracked stackers cost a fraction of wheel loader, are highly durable, and have with a little maintance a long lifespan.

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Smooth material flow

Smooth Material Flow = More Profits!

At RUBBLE MASTER, we don’t just care about the equipment - we care about what our equipment does for your team and for your bottom line. Our mission is to keep you from losing money to high operating costs or wasting time with inferior material processes - so you can take back control of your operations and dominate the jobsite.

RM MTS1508US Specs

Conveyor length 15,240 mm 50 ft
Belt width 914 mm 36 inch
Stockpile height 7,000 mm 23
Engine 18 kW 24 HP
Weight 6,350 kg 14,000 lbs
Transport dimension 15,320 x 2,440 x 2,900 mm 50’ 3” x 8’ x 9’ 6”
50ft tracked conveyor for stockpiling aggregates

RM MTS2410US Specs

Conveyor length 24,384 mm 80 ft
Belt width 1,066 mm 42 inch
Stockpile height 9,144 mm 30
Engine 55 kW 74 HP
Transport dimension 16,290 x 2,590 x 3,500 mm 53’ 5”x 8’ 6” x 11’ 6”
Weight 11,350 kg 25,000 lbs

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