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Why should you screen mulch?

Screening mulch produces a homogenous landscape product by removing debris and fines from the final product.

Higher Quality Product

Screened mulchh is a uniform product that can be sold at a high price. It is ideal for coloring.

Increase Your Profits

Turn an inert material or low value material into a high value commodity.

Take Control of Your Own Material

Using quality products is part of your good reputation. Owning a mulch screenallows you to manage what you put in so that you have a consistent high quality.

If you don't have a versatile high-performance mulch screen...

  • you struggle to adjust to market demands
  • you are stuck to a limited range of materials you can process
  • heavy contaminents may destroy your screen deck
  • you lose valueable product due to carry over

RUBBLE MASTER scalping screens make you more money producing screened mulch.

Produce More Materials

Scalping screens have virtually no limits when it comes to screening. Your requirements change and so does your scalping screen. Screen also topsoil, excavated materials, aggregates, and more.

Robust Against Contaminents

RUBBLE MASTER Scalping Screens are built for heavy-duty screening, so that you don't need to worry for any contaminents.

Wheel Loader Feeding

Use your wheel loader to feed the screening plant.

Easy Access to Clean Screen Decks

Your screen decks are easily accessible to undo blockages.

High Mobility

Easy to move on-site and between jobs.

Standard Screen Media

Scalping screens can be equipped with various screen media. Changing and storing screen media is easy.

Heavy-Duty Top DeckX

The top deck takes the brunt.

Bottom deck for removing finesX

Produce a clean mid-size product.

Screened mulch
Mulch Screens RUBBLE MASTER offers a range of mobile scalping screens for producing screened mulch.
RM HS3500M RM HS3500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
200 tph 220 TPH
2,743 x 1,220 mm 4 x 9 ft
2 2
16,500 kg 48,000 lbs
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RM HS5000M RM HS5000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
300 tph 330 TPH
3,660 x 1,420 mm 5 x 12 ft
2 2
24,500 kg 54,013 lbs
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RM HS7500M RM HS7500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
450 tph 450 TPH
4,880 x 1,525 mm 5 x 16 ft
2 2
33,000 kg 72,752 lbs
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RM HS11000M RM HS11000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
600 tph 600 TPH
18,300 x 6,100 mm 6 x 20 ft
2 2
40.500 kg 89,500 lbs
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