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The Most Versatile Screen

The RUBBLE MASTER HS-Series Scalping Screens deliver a high performance with maximum versatility. Scalping screens work brilliantly across a variety of applications including topsoil, crushed stone, demolition waste, blast rock, mulch, overburden, street sweepings and more.

One Machine, Multiple Applications

Works well in heavy-duty scalping applications as well as precision screening.

Heavy Duty

Designed to screen bulky material such as blast rock, excavated materials or demolition waste.

3-Way Split

Produce up to 3 finished products.

One Machine, Multiple Applications

Construction & Demolition Waste
Sand and gravel screener producing 3 finished products Sand & Gravel
Crusher feeds into a 3 way split screener Aggregates
Screening topsoil in Ontario, Canada Topsoil
Scalping off fines prior to the crushing process

How does a scalping screen work?

A scalping screen comprises of components such as a feed hopper, the screen-box, stockpile discharge conveyors, chassis, and engine compartment. By design a scalping screen always has 2 screen decks allowing operators to produce up to 3 products.


The unit is fed with an excavator or wheel loader and the material is conveyed on to the screen-box. The feed speed is adjustable according to your feed material and resulting screening performance.



The screen-box has 2 screen decks that can be equipped with a variety of screen media. The vibratory screen motion conveys the material down and forward and segregates the material by size.



The bulky oversize material is discharged in front of the machine, while mids- and fines are discharged on the left and right.

Ideal for Coarse and Bulky Material

The scalping screen outperforms any other screen when it comes to coarse and bulky material such as shot rock, excavated demolition waste, or bony sand & gravel. The bulky material can flow freely over the top screen deck without any turns or obstructutions, so that you get the freedom to screen virtually any material with a scalping screen. The screen-box can be fitted with a variety of screen media from heavy-duty punch plates, bofor bars or finger screens to precision screen media such as square and elongated meshes.

RM HS-Series Scalping Screens Easy to Use & Highly Versatile
RM HS3500M RM HS3500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
200 tph 220 TPH
2,743 x 1,220 mm 4 x 9 ft
2 2
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RM HS5000M RM HS5000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
300 tph 330 TPH
3,660 x 1,420 mm 5 x 12 ft
2 2
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RM HS7500M RM HS7500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
450 tph 450 TPH
4,880 x 1,525 mm 5 x 16 ft
2 2
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RM HS11000M RM HS11000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
600 tph 600 TPH
18,300 x 6,100 mm 6 x 20 ft
2 2
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