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Why Recycling Construction Materials is Important?

Many new developments require the demolition of old structures generating massive amounts of waste. Demolition generates mountains of concrete, asphalt and masonry. Mobile crushing plants reduce chunked materials in size to be reused as base or fill material in the construction process and screening plants help to improve the quality of your new commodity product even further.

Recycle &
Reuse On-Site

Mobile recycling plants allow contractors to process materials where they are generated.

Boost Your Profits

Recycling is a profitable business model even if you are not in the business of recycling.

Create New Markets

Generate new sources of income for your business. Aggregates are the new gold.

Reduce Material Going to The Dump

Many materials can be recovered, recycled and reused in your construction process.

Brick & cinder block

Mineral Materials

Concrete, asphalt, bricks & masonry and rock can be processed with a crusher to produce a base, subbase or fill material.


In the deconstruction process metals can be collected. In addition, rebar can be liberated from reinforced concrete with a crusher and a magnet.

Organic Materials & Soils

Wood can be ground or chipped for reuse in landscaping and excavated materials can be screened to produce a clean screened topsoil product.

C&D Waste
Dense graded aggregate produced by a RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher.
Asphalt & millings
Brick & cinder block
Excavated Soils
A stockpile of unscreened topsoil in a contractor's yard.
Screened topsoil processed with a mobile scalping screen and 1/2" elongated mesh
Asphalt & millings
Brick & cinder block

How to integrate recycling in your business?

Recycling is a simple credit-debit calculation. First you need to understand your current costs for disposal of the various materials you generate in the construction and demolition process. Second, you need to gauge how much material it actually is. Third, you need put a price tag on the value of the material once it is processed.



Disposal Cost

You won't get rid of your disposal cost unless you start recycling.

Hauling Cost

Trucking costs from the job to the recycling center and picking up new material can be reduced significantly.

Recycled Aggregate Value

You turn something that is worth nothing into a valuable commodity.

Material Disposal is an Ever Increasing Cost Pressure

“I started crushing because I believed there is a
future in that to get rid of the product. It is getting
more costly to dispose of it. It is getting more expensive
to truck it over the road with DOT and what

Mike Reilly, F.P. Reilly & Sons Inc.


RUBBLE MASTER offers a large range of mobile crushers and screens that meet the demands of any size contractor and material producer.

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Since 1991, RUBBLE MASTER has brought numerous innovations to the market. We’re crushing & screening experts and work closely with contractors and aggregate producers world-wide.

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