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Much more than a crusher manufacturer

Our business exists to support every aspect of yours.

We passionately help contractors and aggregate producers make more money with materials.

You already know RUBBLE MASTER products are best-in-class, easy to use, and safe – but the real engine behind this company is a passion to see you succeed. It’s why we provide personalized support every step of the way, with local service, constant innovation, and the opportunity to build a lasting legacy. In other words, the value you receive from RUBBLE MASTER can only be measured by the ton.

Global market leader in Compact Crushing

We believe anybody should be able to operate material processing equipment profitably.

Factory direct trainings

We are there when you need us. Before the purchase and long after.

RM Lifetime Support

Regardless of age and hours. We support your RUBBLE MASTER for life!


We understand that machine down means crew down and you are bleeding money.

We know what it’s like to own a small business where reputation and relationship really matter. That’s why when you purchase from RUBBLE MASTER, you gain a local dealer and product specialist who will be there whenever you need them – to offer expert advice, quick repairs, and long lasting solutions. Your local dealer understands your material and market. Plus, they’re stocked with OEM, warrantied parts, and they’ll come to you to personally inspect your machine or provide training. No more waiting on hold, waiting on customs, or waiting for a return call. We sincerely care about our customers on a personal level and are invested in the growth of your business, with more than 15 dealers across North America and 110 worldwide.


"When I sold the first machines we didn't have a lot of people working for us. So I had to go out and provide the service myself."

Gerald Hanisch, founder & owner of RUBBLE MASTER

Service Second to None for 30+ Years

Local. Responsive. Fast.

Parts & Service Hub in Ennis, TXX

We understand that you can't wait for parts to arrive from overseas. That's the reason why we maintain a fully-stocked warehouse to keep you crushing.

Headquarters in Linz, AustriaX

State-of-the art manufacturing facility and in-house R&D department.

Grow Your Business with a Proven Business Model

We’ve already put in the necessary effort to frontload your entire RUBBLE MASTER experience for success. When you sign on with us, we’ll come to your site, look at your application, train your team, provide business plans, and support your business throughout the entire lifetime of the machine. And with our proven model for on-site recycling and aggregate production, you’ll expand capabilities and gain new market share. You’re not rebuilding your business from the ground up… we’ve already done it for you.

Heavy-duty design

Get Educated. Get Better. Get it Done.

Every machine we sell comes with multifaceted training to turn even your newest employees into experts, constantly expanding their expertise, knowledge, and handling. From on-the-ground training at delivery, to ongoing factory lessons through webinars, modules, and other online resources, you’ll become highly qualified, minimize risk and damage, and get the most out of your investment. We know that the more information you have access to, the more effective and confident you’ll be behind the wheel.


Impactful innovations. Powerful progress.

For more than 30 years, we’ve worked to build the best quality machines available, keeping our product line narrow to focus on precision, technology, and continual development. We know that in order to stay relevant, you must innovate, remain curious and flexible, and be willing to try new things. That’s why in a world of hydraulic drives, we’ve been using electrification for decades, passing along fuel savings to every customer along the way. We’ve never shied away from the unbeaten path, and we won’t stop now. We’re committed to gaining market share with new patents, innovation, and smarter, more accessible products – so we can help you do the same.


What makes the difference?
A team that truely cares about your business!

Our organization is made up of a special breed of people who believe in transparency, relationships over transactions, and never settling for ‘the way things have always been done.’ We’re entrepreneurs, fueled by economic and innovative thinking, driven to create the best product, backed by caring, comprehensive service. But the real cornerstone of everything we do is passion. We love our products and believe in them. We love our people, supporting them, and playing a small role in watching them scale. We’re passionate about helping you build a sustainable legacy that will last for generations. Your legacy is our legacy, and that drives us to help you be your best.


Gerald Hanisch CEO, Founder
Harry Kussegg Managing Director
Paul Smith Sales Manager
Geoffrey Faber Territory Manager West
Gary Renkenberger Territory Manager East
Matt Colby Service Manager

Let's get it done together

If you’re ready to work with a company who will always have your back, RUBBLE MASTER is here to help you crush it. We want to see your business thrive, and we’ll do everything we can to provide the tools, resources, education, and support to make that happen – just like we’ve done for thousands of contractors before you. Don’t let the future slip through your fingers, dominate the jobsite with our mobile screens and crushers that work as hard as you.