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I want to own a machine

If equity and ownership are your priorities, a loan may be your best bet. If you want flexibility and a way to free up cash for other needs, consider a lease.

Rental Purchase Option (RPO)

An RPO is an excellent solution that combines the flexibility and convenience of a rental transaction with the ability to acquire the equipment at any time. Simply put, rent a RUBBLE MASTER machine and at any point a percentage of the rent can be applied to the purchase of the machine. Therefore, you can try it before you buy it with no obligation!



A skip payment arrangement helps seasonal businesses to take ownership of the equipment with no cash flow over the first few months and then equal payments spread out over several years. In other words, you can take delivery in December to benefit from tax credits and make the first payment after 3 months.


You want to own the new or used equipment? Get right to work and build equity at the same time. Straight purchase requires an initial down payment and equal payments spread out over several years. It is the easiest repayment structure of all with no money due at the end of the finance period.

I want to keep it off my books

A finance solution with all the options open. There is no requirement for a large initial outlay because you rent the machine. Without the machine on your balance sheet you have limited risk exposure. At the end of the contract you can return the machine.

Fair Market Value Lease

(new equipment only)

A lease turns a capital expenditure into an operational expenditure that you can work into your contract.  Leases offer a low initial cash outlay and affordable monthly payments. Monthly payments are often lower than a loan or short-term rental. At lease termination, the customer is given an option to return the equipment or purchase it for its fair market value.



Ideal for contractors who have a singular need for a machine to get a job done. Rental rates are significantly higher than monthly payments. If you have a regular need and rent machines a couple months every year it is probably worthwhile owning a machine.

Sale & Lease Back

An equipment sale leaseback (sale & lease back), is a financing transaction in which a company will sell its currently owned equipment to an investor (lessor) and upon closing, without interruption, immediately lease (rent) the equipment or machinery back for a specified period of time.  The company (lessee) will continue to use the equipment and machinery without interruption, but no longer owns the equipment or machinery.

RUBBLE MASTER Quality at a Price that Meets Your Needs

Looking for an affordable material processing solution with a good value? With RUBBLE MASTER Used, you'll find quality options in all age and hour ranges — and at multiple price points to fit your budget.

Global Dealer Network


RUBBLE MASTER dealers provide world-class equipment and service support. More than 80 dealers in 110 countries and offices in the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and China ensure the superior support that our customers deserve.

Save Taxes Before the End of the Year

Section 179 and bonus depreciation are popular tax incentives used when buying equipment. It is designed to encourage companies to invest in themselves towards the end of the year to grow their business. The incentive allows the purchaser to deduct the full cost of the equipment in the year of the purchase and thus save on tax.

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