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Turn your materials into money with a RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crusher

High-performance without sacrificing mobility.



The Best Compact Crushers for On-Site Crushing

Many crushers are too big and others are too small. RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers deliver a high-performance without sacrificing mobility, so that you can tackle a wider range of jobs with one machine.

No job too big,
no site too small

Quality product

Produce high-quality recycled aggregates


High return with an affordable initial investment




If you have a large 100,000+ lbs crusher or mini-crusher, you...

  • lose out on jobs
  • lose production or mobility
  • lose money on jobs that are too small or too big
  • lose the chance to scale your business

Dominate your jobsite with a Compact Crusher that exceeds expectations every time.

Urban job-sites are getting smaller, trucking becomes harder every year, and you face an increased cost pressure from your competition. Compact Crushers are designed to crush concrete, asphalt and rock at a high rate without sacrificing mobility, so that you can increase your profits on the job.


High Performance

RUBBLE MASTER mobile crushers provide the best throughput capacity in their class without sacrificing mobility.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use

Operating a crusher doesn’t have to require years of experience. Our crushers make material processing easier than ever, so you can put any operator on your RUBBLE MASTER with confidence.#

Safe to use

Safe to Use

Safety is our top concern so that you get back to your family safely.


What is a Compact Crusher?

A Compact Crusher is a crusher design where engineers keep size, weight, and mobility in mind. Contrary to traditional crusher designs the engine is moved from above the discharge conveyor to underneath the feed hopper. This low-mount engine design reduces the footprint of the machine so that you can increase mobility without sacrificing production. In addition, all your drivetrain becomes fully ground servicable, which improves efficiency and safety.

High-mount engine
High mount engine
Low-mount engine
Low mount engine
High mount engine
Low mount engine

New to crushing? We’ve got you.

At RUBBLE MASTER, we don’t just care about the equipment - we care about what our equipment does for your team and for your bottom line.

We believe you shouldn’t have to keep losing money to high operation costs or wasting time with traditional material disposal processes. That’s why we help you take back control of your operation and dominate the jobsite with mobile crushers that make you money.

3 Steps to Own your RUBBLE MASTER


Get The Equipment

We’ll pair you with a crushing expert to help you choose the right compact crusher that meets your needs and makes you money.  We can even help you find the right financing for your new investment.


Get The Training

Once you get your new machine, we’ll train your staff onsite - your material, your machine. We design our machines for easy single-operator use, so your team will feel confident and safe using your RUBBLE MASTER crusher.


Get It Done

Dominate the jobsite with a compact crusher that exceeds expectations. You’ll spend time getting the job done - not hauling material or fixing your machines. You’ll look forward to watching money coming out of your new machine every day you’re on the job.

Compact Crushers are Ideal
for Contractors on the Move

Go Anywhere, Anytime

Are you having issues moving equipment? RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers weigh less and have a smaller footprint than other mobile crushers in their class, so that you can make more money without the mobilization hassles of bulky machinery.

Fits on most trailers

Easy to Move

In many cases you can use your existing trailer to move your crusher. For instance, the RM 70GO! compact crusher can be floated on the same trailer as a 25 ton excavator.

15 minute setup time

15 Minute Setup

Our machines are designed for an efficient and fast one-man setup procedure so that you can start making profits faster.

Single float

Single Move

Some crushers need several moves to haul the machine and its attachments to a jobsite and require assembly on-site. RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers are floated with its attachments, so that you don't waste time setting up your machine and start making money faster.

It will blow your mind:
10 minutes from trailer to crushing

Check out how to unload and setup a RM 90GO! Compact Crusher.


RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers come standard with hydraulic folding conveyors (except RM 70GO!). Procedure may vary depending on model.

Founded in 1991

RUBBLE MASTER designed the Original Compact Crusher in 1991 and set the industry standard for mobility and performance.

Since 1991, we’ve established ourselves as the world’s leading crushing & screening experts. Our products are used by the most cutting-edge contractors and aggregate producers worldwide.

A RUBBLE MASTER fits if it is a tight fit.

Many jobsites don't allow a big crushing outfit. RUBBLE MASTER has managed to build a machine with a small footprint but high outputs, so that you can dominate the jobsite and grow your profits.


All RUBBLE MASTER mobile compact crushers can track and crush simultaneously, so that you can run without the need of a stacking conveyor or wheel loader.

is just…awesome.

Don’t just take our word for it.

"What makes a RUBBLE MASTER a RUBBLE MASTER is the small foot print and the high-production we achieve with this machine!"

Dave, Ironhustler Excavating

"We have tried bigger machines than ours with the same output as our RUBBLE MASTER".

Calvin & Wiebren, Schouten Excavating

"Everything is well thought out from simple hammer changing to a multitude of crusher settings.”

Tom & Amanda, Portland Road

Compact Crushers The right size machine for contractors and aggregate producers.
Inlet opening
Transport dimension
RM 120X Mobile Impactor RM 120X
Impact Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
1,160 x 820 mm 46" x 32"
16,180 x 2,990 x 3,600 mm 52‘10” x 9‘11” x 10‘6“
44,000 kg 95,000 lbs
learn more
RM 100GO! Tracked Impact Crusher RM 100GO!
Impact Crusher
250 tph 275 TPH
950 x 700 mm 37" x 28"
14,700 x 2,860 x 3,155 mm 48'3" x 9'5" x 10'5"
33,600 kg 74,500 lbs
learn more
RM 90GO! Compact Crusher RM 90GO!
Impact Crusher
200 tph 220 TPH
860 x 650 mm 34" x 25"
13,470 x 2,550 x 3,050 mm 44'2" x 8'5" x 10'
28,400 kg 62,500 lbs
learn more
Less than 8 ft wide
RM 70GO! Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0
Impact Crusher
150 tph 165 TPH
760 x 600 mm 30" x 23"
13,300 x 2,360 x 3,100 43'8" x 7'9" x 10'2"
24,200 kg 53,400 lbs
learn more

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Since 1991, RUBBLE MASTER has brought numerous innovations to the market. We’re crushing & screening experts and work closely with contractors and aggregate producers world-wide.