EK Service – a Utility & Paving Contractor based in York, PA is branching out – doing things a little different and smarter keeps them ahead of their competition. “I’m tired of spending all kinds of money for tipping broken asphalt & concrete – and on top of that – spend some more money to re-purchase recycled aggregate”, said Dave Beinhower, VP EK Service. Groff Tractor, RUBBLE MASTER’s local dealer & service partner delivered a brand new RM 90GO! crusher with a MS 95GO! onboard screen box & a swiveling return conveyor to make it a closed circuit operation. Footprint is always an issue, EK Service also bought a RUBBLE MASTER MTS2010 – 60 foot long tracked stacking conveyor so they can efficiently stockpile all the crushed material. Back in September 2016, Dave went over to RM’s headquarter in Austria, Europe to attend RM’s XPerience Days, that’s where he’s met Gerald Hanisch, the founder & owner of RUBBLE MASTER the first time. Gerald came back to visit Dave & his family in early February 2017 and show his appreciation. “I’m very proud of being partner with Dave and his family and being a part of their future business success, really impressive such a successful and highly recognized business”, said Gerald Hanisch, founder & owner of RUBBLE MASTER.

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