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Onsite crushing turns up to 30% of your material disposal costs into profits.

Concrete | Asphalt | Rock


Are Your Margins Getting Thinner?

20 years ago construction & demolition debris was dumped over the next cliff and hardly anybody thought about recycling. Today, you will find the profits where you dumped material in the past. Without changing your bidding process onsite crushing turns your rubble into a valuable commodity product.


Make more money

High Cost Pressure

Strong competition results in lower margins than there used to be. Recycling construction materials is cheaper than disposal.

Rising Transport Costs

Material delivery and timing problems. The cost of trucking materials won't go away unless you start recycling on-site.


Small footprint

Job-Sites are Becoming Smaller

New challenges with material management and running a crushing operation.


Reduced Hauling Costs
traditional disposal
less wear & tear
onsite crushing
Eliminate Disposal Fees
traditional disposal
instant savings
onsite crushing
Less Time on theRoad
traditional disposal
increase your efficiency
onsite crushing
Use your own stockpile of materials
traditional disposal
Haul profits instead of waste
onsite crushing

Your costs won't go away unless you start onsite crushing

With traditional material disposal processes you...

  • leave money on the job-site.
  • waste time & money with trucks in traffic.
  • dependent on quarry and recycle yard hours.
  • lose competitive advantage.

RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers are Designed for Onsite Crushing

No job too big. No jobsite too small.


High Performance

RUBBLE MASTER mobile crushers and screens provide the best throughput capacity in their class without sacrificing mobility.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use

RUBBLE MASTER reduces complexity in operating crushing & screening equipment.

Safe to use

Safe to Use

Safety is our top concern so that you get back to your family safely.

RM 70GO! Compact Crusher

On-board screenX

RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers are so called closed-circuit impact crushers. Material gets crushed and screened so that you can produce a spec material in a singe pass.

Track & Crush SimultaneouslyX

RUBBLE MASTER Compact Crushers are fully radio remote operated so that you can backup the crusher from the cab and windrow your materials.

Low profile & ground based serviceX

A low mount engine allows for a small profile on the job, so that you can service the machine easily from the ground and feed it easily in confined areas and with smaller equipment.

Easy to move

Go Anywhere, Anytime

Aggregate equipment is bulky, heavy, and difficult to move. RUBBLE MASTER machines are designed from scratch with mobility in mind, so you get the freedom to move anywhere and save transport costs.

3 Steps to Own your RUBBLE MASTER

Your business is unique like yourself. Get your own mobile crusher in 3 easy steps.




Get The Equipment

We’ll pair you with a crushing and screening expert to help you choose the right machine that meets your needs and makes you money.  We can even help you find the right financing for your new investment.


Get The Training

Once you get your new machine, we’ll train your staff onsite - your material, your machine. We design our machines for easy single-operator use, so your team will feel confident and safe using your RUBBLE MASTER crusher or screener.


Get It Done

Dominate the jobsite with machinery that holds up its end of the bargain. You’ll spend time getting the job done - not hauling material or fixing your machines. You’ll look forward to watching money coming out of your new machine every day you’re on the job.

What our customers are saying

“I started crushing because I believed there is a future in that to get rid of the product. It is getting more costly to dispose of it. It is getting more expensive to truck it over the road with DOT and what not.”

Mike Reilly, F.P. Reilly & Sons Inc.


Download Free Onsite Crushing Cost Calculator

Does it pay to crush onsite? Looking at some basic numbers helps you to start your due diligence.

Download cost calculator

Mobile Crushers. Tracked jaw and impact crushers for onsite crushing.
Inlet opening
Transport dimension
RM MXJ1100 - Mobile Jaw Crusher RM MXJ1100
Jaw Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
1,100 x 700 mm 43" x 27"
14,600 x 3,000 x 3,600 mm 47'11" x 9'10" x 11'9"
50,000 kg 110,231 lbs
learn more
RM 120X Mobile Impactor RM 120X
Impact Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
1,160 x 820 mm 46" x 32"
16,180 x 2,990 x 3,600 mm 52‘10” x 9‘11” x 10‘6“
44,000 kg 95,000 lbs
learn more
RM 100GO! Tracked Impact Crusher RM 100GO!
Impact Crusher
250 tph 275 TPH
950 x 700 mm 37" x 28"
14,700 x 2,860 x 3,155 mm 48'3" x 9'5" x 10'5"
33,600 kg 74,500 lbs
learn more
RM 90GO! Compact Crusher RM 90GO!
Impact Crusher
200 tph 220 TPH
860 x 650 mm 34" x 25"
13,470 x 2,550 x 3,050 mm 44'2" x 8'5" x 10'
28,400 kg 62,500 lbs
learn more
Popular Model
RM 70GO! Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0
Impact Crusher
150 tph 165 TPH
760 x 600 mm 30" x 23"
13,300 x 2,360 x 3,100 43'8" x 7'9" x 10'2"
24,200 kg 53,400 lbs
learn more

How the heck do I start crushing?

In this FREE 45-minute masterclass, you’ll learn from an experienced panel of contractors just like you who own crushers. RUBBLE MASTER has helped thousands of contractors get started with material processing, boost their profits, and grow their business.

Will you be next?