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8 Items That May Break Your Impact Crusher Hammers

Broken impact crusher hammers are costly and result in unplanned downtime. Avoid feeding these uncrushable objects at all cost to maximize the utilization of your blow bars.

Uncrushable objects may cause severe damages

Compact impact crushers can process natural rock, concrete, and asphalt into aggregates for construction. However, certain materials (so-called uncrushables) cannot be crushed and can cause damages inside the crusher box and stop your production. 

If you feed uncrushables in your compact impact crusher, anything can happen. 

  • You can break a hammer on your impact crusher

  • You can bend your rotor shaft

  • You can damage conveyor belts

  • Increase wear


Being in control of your feed and material prep allow you to set uncrushables aside or avoid that uncrushables end up in your feed pile. Check out the blog post Small Rock Crusher Feeding Tips for Novice Operators. Here you can find more practical tips on how to operate a compact impact crusher.

Avoid Feeding These Items at All Costs

Bearing Bracket Bearing Bracket
Cannon Balls Cannon ball
Hydraulic hammer pin Hydraulic hammer pin
Bucket tooth Bucket tooth
I-beams & railroad rails I-beams & railroad rails
Steel dowels in runway concrete Steel dowels in runway concrete
Steel Slag Steel Slag
Milling bit Milling bit

Our compact impact crushers reduce the risk of damages from uncrushable objects that you can't see

RUBBLE MASTER compact impact crushers feature the RM Release System to reduce the risk of major damages by allowing the force to be absorbed and the uncrushable to pass.

Oversized concrete slabs and uncrushables can interrupt production. The RM Release System features a spring-loaded impact wall that absorbs some of the force and allows the room to let materials pass more easily. It can also be activated by the touch of a button on your radio remote control to let over-size concrete pieces fall into the action radius of the rotor.

Investing in spare blow bars pays dividends.

When your hammers break, you need to change the set (the broken hammer and the opposite hammer) immediately to avoid further damages to the rotor. If you don't have spare hammers available quickly you lose production and money. The optional hammer bracket allows you to keep a spare set of hammers on your compact impact crusher to reduce your downtime and hassle to get the hammers to the jobsite.


Consider the following scenario:

Crusher production 100 TPH
Downtime 4 hours
Material value 5 $/tons
Excavator cost $150 per hour
Crusher cost $250 per hour
Total cost of downtime $3,600
Theoretical hammer cost $2,000
Theoretical savings $1,600


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