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Benefits of Hybrid Drives

With many drivetrain solutions out there it is hard to figure out which one is best. Hybrid drives are on the rise and provide more performance paired with a lower fuel costs. You deserve a drive-train that works and maintains its value over time.

Increased Performance

Lower Operating Costs

Freedom of choice between diesel and the grid

If you don't use hybrid drives for your crushing & screening equipment you are leaving money on the jobsite.

Without an efficient drive...

  • Your fuel bill eats away your profits
  • Your maintnance costs increase exponentially over time
  • You are losing engine power to non-essential drives
  • You are missing out on jobs or subsidies that you could get

The industry considers hybrid technology as new.
For us it is the same old standard.

RUBBLE MASTER has been using electrics since the beginning 30 years ago. Surprisingly, it has been a small leap from diesel-electric to a fully hybrid machine.

Reduce costs.
Increase efficiency.

Looking at your total cost of ownership hybrid-drives improve your bottom line. The increased performance and efficiency paired with low running costs will offset the higher investment costs approx after 3 years.


Expand business opportunities

Noise or exhaust emission sensitive job-sites such as inside of buildings, tunnels, or inner-city construction sites are not off limits anymore. Connecting your crusher or screen to the grid makes this possible.


Diversify your power source. Go electric.

Electric car and heating systems are the industry megatrend for the coming years. It is not a matter of if but when our crushing and screening equipment will be electric.

Reap the benefits.

Many governments subsidise investing into eco-friendly machinery. Project tenders will be speced around environmental conscious specs.

Get more done in a day

A machine that is hooked-up to a central generator or the grid doesn't need much servicing nor refueling. It can be easily tied into other stationary or semi-mobile material processing equipment.

Run more equipment from the same power source

In traditional material processing trains each piece of equipment had its own diesel engine that required maintenance and fuel. Electric systms allow your to cut this back to zero or one.

How does a hybrid drive work?

A hybrid drive (also diese-electric drive) consists of a diesel engine that poweres a generator. The electricity produced runs all electric motors for the main and auxiliary drives. Optionally, a hybrid machine can be also operated via an external power source such as a central generator or the electric grid.

Hybrid Crushers and Screens

Dominate your job-site with mobile crushing & screening equipment that maximizes profits and minimizes downtime.

Hybrid crusherX

The hybrid crusher either operates it's diesel engine or is hooked up to the grid or generator.

Hybrid screening plantX

The hybrid screening plant's diesel engine is off. All the power needed to run the machine comes from the crusher, from the grid, or a central generator.

Improved Efficiency for Crushing Trains

Electricity allows an easy power transfer from a central source to other machinery. RUBBLE MASTER's RM 120X Mobile Impact Crusher is capable of powering the impact crusher and a triple deck screening plant so that you can lower your operating cost per ton without changing your process.

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Since 1991, RUBBLE MASTER has brought numerous innovations to the market. We’re crushing & screening experts and work closely with contractors and aggregate producers world-wide.

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