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Reduce dust in the air with a dust suppression system on a mobile crushing plant

Mind your neighbors. Stay compliant.

RUBBLE MASTER crushers are equipped with an on-board dust suppression system to minimize dust from the crushing process

Breathe clean air

Airborne dust is a nuisance. Keep the dust down using your dust suppression system to avoid trouble with your neighbors.

Stay compliant

Authorities require measures to reduce dust. Be proactive with keeping dust down to reduce the risk OSHA or MSHA complaints

Safe to use

Improve occupational safety

Silica dust is a health threat for you and your operators and can stay airborne for a very long time.


Airborne dust particles are a health threat and result in complaints from neighbors and officials.

Without using your crusher dust suppression system, you...

  • run into OSHA/MSHA issues
  • risk being shut down
  • risk safety through reduced visibility and airborne silica
  • experience excessive dust built up in unwanted areas

The RUBBLE MASTER dust suppression system works with a regular garden hose.

Multiple nozzles spray water on the inlet, outlet, and at the end of the main discharge conveyor

Dust suppression system on a mobile crushing plant

Nozzles on the main discharge conveyorX

Exposed material transfer points on a conveyor are a major dust source. Nozzles on top spray a fine mist, so that discharged fines don't get airborne.

Fine water mist through the dust suppression system

Water hook-upX

The crusher dust suppression system works with a regular garden hose with a chicago fitting and 10 bar pressure.

Other sources of water could be...

  • a water tank with a small pump
  • a pond and a small pump

RUBBLE MASTER offers an optional on-board pump for the crusher dust suppression system that can be retrofitted.

Water hook-up with Chicago fitting

Nozzles on the crusher inletX

The crusher inlet and outlet are a major dust source. Spray nozzle on top, underneath the crusher, and on the outlet ensure that the dust is contained within the crusher box.

Water keeps the dust down

A crusher dust suppression system reduces airborn dust particles and silica dust created when processing materials with a fine mist of water. Spraying dust with water increases the weight of each dust particle, making it harder for them to become airborne.


A fine mist is just right to keep the dust down

Wet material causes friction in your operation. Too much water causes material to build up inside the crusher or slows down your screening because the material becomes too sticky. Adjusting the water pressure through the flow valves helps you to generate the right fine mist to keep the dust to a minimum. If you start creating large puddles underneath your machine you know that you are using too much water.

It also helps to open up a material pile. The inside of a pile is less dry than the outside. By mixing moist feed with bone dry feed also helps to reduce dust.

If possible crush after a rain day. When the material is moist less dust is generated in the crushing process.


Using too much water can slow you down

Too much water can have negative effects on your crushing operation. It will cause hammers wear out faster and wet material will stick in the feeder or to the crusher walls. In this case it helps to mix wet material with dry material to clean out the feeder and crusher. Also if you screen your crushed material it can blind your screen more easily or buidl material clumps that are hard to screen.

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