RM Product Champions live the RM Spirit and identify 100% with our RUBBLE MASTER products. The objective is to promote communication across borders and support the exchange of experience. This also happens during regular regional and international Product Champion meetings, so that we can react quickly to the individual requirements of the markets.


This year’s two regional Product Champion meetings took place in China and Paraguay.

The Product Champions at our six new dealers from various regions of China met in Tianjin to discuss the future strategy for RUBBLE MASTER in China. They flagged up recycling opportunities, defined targets for the coming year and took the opportunity to get to know the team. The two representatives from RM Headquarters – Shaun Montgomery and Harald Windner – provided insight into the international market situation and worked with the dealers and the local RM team to develop regional marketing and sales strategies.

The highlight of this meeting was the official presentation of the new RM subsidiary in Tianjin, in northeastern China.


At the Product Champions meeting in Paraguay, they also discussed the current situation in terms of processing of construction and demolition waste. Product Champions from 8 South American countries came to the meeting to exchange suggestions for improvement and set targets for the coming year.

They also took the opportunity to organize a live demo for several regional customers, which created a great deal of interest. Following the success of this meeting, they have agreed to get together again soon in Colombia.