Although in business for more than 30 years, New Jersey’s Stilo Paving & Excavating still maintains a youthful, vibrant glow. Much of that is due to the owners, Bob and Patricia Stilo, keeping it a family-owned company, with two of their children heavily involved in its management. Son Bobby Stilo serves as the director of engineering, while daughter, Julie Stilo is director of finance.

(L-R): Carlos Calderone, Bobby Stilo, Bob Stilo, Wayne Booth, Danilo Maldonado und Roberto Fuentes, alle Teil von Stilo Paving & Excavating.

But, Stilo Paving & Excavating also improves itself constantly by keeping an eye out for innovative new equipment it believes will add to its bottom line.
Located in South Plainfield, the US-American company offers complete site work services to its clients, including asphalt paving, milling, underground utility installation, earthwork, demolition, estimating, site surveying and layout, engineering and trucking.
Bobby Stilo said when his parents founded Stilo Paving, the work was “small stuff, like patching and driveways, with only a few guys and a mason dump truck. It took the company a couple years to get into excavating, where we were digging basements and sewer connections. We probably had a backhoe, two pickups, a dump truck and a trailer.” Today, Stilo Paving boasts 40 employees and nearly that number of equipment pieces.

Company Focuses on Paving, Milling
One choice item on Stilo Paving’s service menu are the street projects it does involving paving/milling jobs for various towns and cities within 90 minutes of its Middlesex County location.
“For example, we do a lot of work in Union Township, like the current small municipal complex project and several roads around town,” Stilo said. “The township is improving its parking situation at the complex because it is really strapped for spaces. We are expanding the lot, creating a half-size basketball court and doing some landscaping improvements.
“On the asphalt side of the business, our concentration is the paving and milling of roadways, like public works up to the county level,” he continued. “We also do larger parking lots, but we have gotten away from doing residential projects like we did in the beginning so we can focus on commercial public and retail projects. On the site work side, we’re doing new hotels, warehouses, car dealerships — you name it.”

Great Equipment Breeds Great Success
To accomplish those tasks, Stilo Paving has invested in RUBBLE MASTER equipment to make material screening and crushing a big part of its business. Bobby Stilo said that his company has grown with the RM product line as it first bought an RM 70GO! model, before trading up, first to the RM 80GO!, then to the RM 100GO! model.
“We did so because our dumping costs were the highest in our company,” said Mike Peake, Stilo Paving’s operations manager. “It’s expensive to recycle materials from curbs and sidewalks. By doing it with RM crushers, we recycle all that product ourselves.”
“Yes, and by not paying the tipping fees to get rid of it, we are generating materials that we can turn around and use,” added Stilo. “We usually haul those materials back here to South Plainfield to where we keep the crusher.”
Back in the spring, he said Stilo Paving performed a large amount of excavation and site work at the BAPS Temple, a Hindu place of worship in Edison. There, its crews also performed demolition of an old temple so that a new one could be built. That also meant a lot of crushing work for the company.
“It was an interesting job in that they built the new temple next to the old one,” Stilo said. “Demolition is not one of our main services, but if we can incorporate that at a job we bid where we are also doing the site work, we will do it. We don’t really seek demo-only projects, however.”

The BAPS Temple project was a big one for Stilo Paving, as evidenced by the fact the company removed 40,000 to 50,000 cu. yds. of material, he said.
“We are certainly getting our money’s worth with that machine because we use it so much,” Stilo said. “The temple job was also unique because, generally, the crusher stays in our yard and we bring everything to it, where we process and take the material out. But, because the work at the temple project was so large, having the RM 100GO! there saved us a lot of money on trucking just by doing the crushing on site.”
From those materials, Stilo Paving created 1-in.-minus recycled concrete.
Peake was quick to point out that the company does not sell any of the materials it makes from its crushers and screeners. Rather, it is all recycled for use on Stilo Paving’s own projects.

Stilo Paving Uses RUBBLE MASTER
Recently, Stilo Paving took another growth spurt with RUBBLE MASTER when it began using a new RM HS3500M scalping screening plant for use on its curb and sidewalk projects, which also generate a large mix of dirt and grass. The contractor has need for a machine that can screen those materials for reuse on other projects.
“Since the RM 100GO! has been so helpful and saved us a lot of money, we hope the RM scalping screening plant will as well because it’s hard to find good topsoil,” Stilo said. “Dealing with soil is becoming more and more difficult. If we can create some of it in-house, that would help a great deal. We will be able to control the quality of the topsoil ourselves, too, and come back with a clean product.”

(L-R): Bobby Stilo, Bob Stilo, Sean Collins – Senior Vice President bei GT Mid Atlantic

The folks at GT Mid Atlantic – official RUBBLE MASTER dealer for New Jersey, New York City and 5 Boroughs – have continued to lend a big hand to Stilo Paving over the years and through the dealership’s Senior Vice President Sean Collins, the contractor has been able to get top of the line sales and service.
“Their mechanics are very knowledgeable about RUBBLE MASTER, so whenever we have a question, they answer it right away,” said Bobby Stilo. “They even put us in touch with Gerald Hanisch, CEO and founder of RUBBLE MASTER, an Austrian gentleman who came out and talked to us about the equipment. It was neat to be able to speak with someone that highly ranked within the company.”

Source: Construction Equipment Guide, THU JULY 16, 2020 – NORTHEAST EDITION #15

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Our crushers in action

RM 100GO!

Der RM 100GO! ist der Star der mobilen Brecher – ein mobiles Power-Paket für jede Anwendung. Innerhalb weniger Minuten ist er voll einsatzbereit und verarbeitet rasch die unterschiedlichsten Materialien. Mit einem Eigengewicht von nur 29 t bricht bis zu 250 t Material pro Stunde.

RM HS Vorsiebanlagen

Die raupenmobilen Grobstücksiebanlagen der RM HS-Serie sieben diverses Aufgabematerial wie gesprengtes Hartgestein, sperriges Abbruchmaterial oder Asphalt. Alle Siebe HS-Serie sind extrem robust und leistungsfähig. Durch ihre enorme Durchsatzleistung minimieren sie die Materialmanipulation.

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Natural rock

Crushing at a high output and low wear, and that in every possible and impossible location, is not an issue for RM crushers. They manage to generate the highest quality value grain from natural stone on site. Depending on the desired combination of machinery. The end result is always cubic aggregate.

Abrasive rock

Quartz gravel, granite and riverbed gravel are not easy to process because high levels of quartz cause high wear. However, RM crushers are designed for such materials: thanks to their compact size they can achieve high throughputs even in tight spaces, producing valuable aggregate directly on site at all times.

Crushing gravel with 90% quartz content

Processing 24,000 tons of gravel with a quartz content of around 90 percent to produce 0-32 mm value grain
– that was the right challenge for the RM 100GO!. The mobile power pack with its wear-resistant hammers rose to this challenge in the Vienna basin extremely economically. Excavator and loader drivers are impressed.

Endurance in riverbed gravel

Building roads to connect to eastern Mexico was difficult because of the problematic terrain. It was necessary to prepare materials on site because of the remote locations of the construction sites. The RM 70GO! is ideal for challenges like this. Its manoeuvrability make it a perfect machine.

High demand for crushed sand and grit

The Swiss company Mühlebach AG has been successfully processing gravel for 40 years. As pioneers in this business field, they demand machines that are state of the art. They have now added an RM V550GO! to their fleet of machines in order to meet the demand for crushed sand and grit.

Impressive RM V550GO! performance in Argentina

At the beginning of the year the RM V550GO! made light work of transforming 0-200 mm river rock into fine 0-19 mm value grain. The awesome capacity and low diesel consumption were key in the Argentine company’s decision to purchase the RM V550GO!.