Country Thailand
Customer Hancharoen Enterprise Chiangrai Co.,Ltd.
Machinen RM 70GO! 2.0
Material Limestone, dolomite
Final aggregate 0 – 45 mm
Throughput 70 to/h
Application Street foundation

In the North of Thailand, a four-lane highway about 63 km long and reaching from the city of Chiang Rai to the border of Myanmar is currently under construction.

The road construction company Hancharoen Enterprise Chiangrai Co., Ltd., based in the northern Thai city of Chiang Rai, is in charge of the construction of this important traffic axis. For the construction project, an RM 70GO! 2.0 crushes limestone and dolomite with a throughput of around 70 tons per hour to a grain size of 0 to 45 mm. The compact, highly flexible machine moves with the construction progress from one small, local quarry to the next. This keeps distances short and the material transport efficient.

Anyone working with RM crushers knows how flexible they are for processing different materials and also for handling different construction site requirements. Their compactness and great mobility give RM customers a great advantage on inner-city construction sites but also enables customers to quickly change their job site due to easy and uncomplicated transportation. After arriving at the new quarry, RM crushers are ready to crush within only 10 minutes. This does not only save a lot of time but also money.

In addition, RM compact crushers are very intuitive and easy to use as well as to maintain. All RM GO! crushers follow the same principle. In just a few sentences the handling is explained and even unexperienced employees are able to run the machine efficiently. All machine components that need maintenance on a regular basis are ground based, which means that they can be reached and exchanged easily and safely from the ground.

In the Southeast-Asian Nation Thailand with its almost 70 million inhabitants, RM sales partner Watkinson Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is an important provider for construction companies, supplying them with solutions for energy storage, material transportation, mining, quarrying and construction. The Watkinson team also offers high-quality consulting, great after sales service and maintenance.

Are you from Thailand and would you like to find out more about RM compact crushers and screens? Feel free to contact our local partner Watkinson and send an email to [email protected] or visit their website

Our crushers in action

RM 70GO! 2.0

Aus Bauschutt, Asphalt, Beton oder Naturstein zaubert der RM 70GO! 2.0 bis zu 150 t/h kubisches Wertkorn. Als mobiler Brecher ist er die ideale Anlage für Unternehmen, die Aufbereitung als profitables Geschäftsfeld für sich entdeckt haben. Einfach, kompakt und leistungsstark.


Brechen mit hohem Durchsatz und wenig Verschleiß, und dies an allen möglichen und unmöglichen Orten ist für RM Brecher keine Frage. Sie schaffen es direkt vor Ort aus Naturstein höchst qualitatives Wertkorn zu generieren. Je nach gewünschter Anlagenkombinationen. Das Endergebnis ist immer e

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Natural rock

Crushing at a high output and low wear, and that in every possible and impossible location, is not an issue for RM crushers. They manage to generate the highest quality value grain from natural stone on site. Depending on the desired combination of machinery. The end result is always cubic aggregate.

Abrasive rock

Quartz gravel, granite and riverbed gravel are not easy to process because high levels of quartz cause high wear. However, RM crushers are designed for such materials: thanks to their compact size they can achieve high throughputs even in tight spaces, producing valuable aggregate directly on site at all times.

Crushing gravel with 90% quartz content

Processing 24,000 tons of gravel with a quartz content of around 90 percent to produce 0-32 mm value grain
– that was the right challenge for the RM 100GO!. The mobile power pack with its wear-resistant hammers rose to this challenge in the Vienna basin extremely economically. Excavator and loader drivers are impressed.

Endurance in riverbed gravel

Building roads to connect to eastern Mexico was difficult because of the problematic terrain. It was necessary to prepare materials on site because of the remote locations of the construction sites. The RM 70GO! is ideal for challenges like this. Its manoeuvrability make it a perfect machine.

High demand for crushed sand and grit

The Swiss company Mühlebach AG has been successfully processing gravel for 40 years. As pioneers in this business field, they demand machines that are state of the art. They have now added an RM V550GO! to their fleet of machines in order to meet the demand for crushed sand and grit.

Impressive RM V550GO! performance in Argentina

At the beginning of the year the RM V550GO! made light work of transforming 0-200 mm river rock into fine 0-19 mm value grain. The awesome capacity and low diesel consumption were key in the Argentine company’s decision to purchase the RM V550GO!.