Country Argentina
Machines RM V550GO!, RM MSC8500M
Material Quartzite
Input material 0-250 mm
End aggregate size 30-60 mm
Average throughput 180 t/h
End material use Railway ballast

The Andes, the high desert Puna and the moist cloud forest region – the Argentinian province of Jujuy stands out through its variety of scenery. Heavy rainfall in the cloud forest region with its low mountain chains sometimes results in rock slides with large and varied masses of stone. Material which comes with ideal properties for use in construction projects. However, the demanding raw material has to be processed first.

Pedro Ricardo Manzur processes this material with the help of an RM V550GO! and RM MSC8500M at 2,000 m to produce 30-60 mm end aggregate. It is then taken to the neighbouring areas where it is used as ballast for the new railway network. The high throughput and reliability of the RM machines are of key significance in this remote region.

Due to the large amounts of rock and high demand for high-quality end aggregate the RM V550GO! will still be in action in this area for some time to come. Further projects are in the pipeline, however. Thanks to the high flexibility of the RM crusher it will be used for sand production once this project is completed. The fast adaptation of the machine to these different conditions enables the customer to use it easily and efficiently in a variety of places and with different types of input material.

Our crushers in action

RM V550GO!

Der RM V550GO! vereint die Technik eines Kegel- und eines Rotorschleuderbrechers. Die Brechtechnik erzielt einen unvergleichbar hohen Zerkleinerungsgrad. Aus diesem Grund ist der Brecher ideal für die Aufbereitung von Naturstein.

RM MSC Nachsiebanlagen

In nur einem Arbeitsgang bis zu fünf Fraktionen produzieren – das schaffen die raupenmobilen Nachsieben der RM MSC-Serie und geben Ihnen den notwendigen Vorteil am Markt. Je nach Bedarf können Sie eine 2-Deck oder 3-Deck Maschine im Steinbruch, für Kies und Sand oder Bauschutt einsetzen.

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Natural rock

Crushing at a high output and low wear, and that in every possible and impossible location, is not an issue for RM crushers. They manage to generate the highest quality value grain from natural stone on site. Depending on the desired combination of machinery. The end result is always cubic aggregate.

Abrasive rock

Quartz gravel, granite and riverbed gravel are not easy to process because high levels of quartz cause high wear. However, RM crushers are designed for such materials: thanks to their compact size they can achieve high throughputs even in tight spaces, producing valuable aggregate directly on site at all times.

Schrefler relies on RM hybrid crusher

Demolition work and mobile recycling have been part of Manfred Schrefler’s range of services since 2016; previously he was known primarily for transport and earthwork. In terms of machinery, the Upper Austrian relies on top quality and always has the very latest technology.

Basalt preparation

Crushed basalt is used for a variety of purposes. Most often, it is crushed to be used as an aggregate in construction projects.

Increase in orders with cuboid final aggregate

In Mexico the RM 100GO! replaces a jaw and cone crusher combination. Basalt with a diameter of up to 500 mm is crushed into different sizes of cuboid final aggregate, which is then reused for asphalt production. Final aggregate grades between 0-19 and 0 25 mm are processed to a high standard without any problems.

RM 70GO! 2.0 crushes hard river basalt

The first mobile RM crusher in Gorontalo, Indonesia, has been in operation since spring 2017. The new RM 70GO! 2.0 replaces several machines at once: instead of using the jaw crusher combined with a cone crusher, this mobile crusher unit processes extremely hard river basalt in a single pass.