Finding solutions to real-world challenges from real companies and presenting them to the company in a pitch – that’s what students attending InnoCamp36 at Steyr University of Applied Sciences do every year. RUBBLE MASTER took part in the competition again this year with a challenge relating to Marketing & Sales. The challenge: The pandemic has put a stop to many traditional channels of communication. In the construction industry, these include meetings in person as well as trade fairs and events. How can you persuade people who are critical of digital communication to join events online? Nine students from a wide range of countries tackled this challenge.


“Ask Rob” landing page to attract customers

The students created a “typical” RM customer named “Rob.” The idea: create a separate web page for customers who are not (yet) so web-savvy. The students even recorded several videos with “Rob” showing everyday scenes and questions from RM customers. In these videos, you can see how customers are presented with the solutions to their problems. “I am fascinated by how the students understood our problem after a short presentation and developed a workable approach in just 36 hours. We will definitely take the students’ concept into account when we develop a new website,” says Werner Ammerer, Head of Global Marketing at RUBBLE MASTER.