For more than 30 years, RUBBLE MASTER has been working to conserve the environment with mobile demolition and construction waste recycling using their crushers and screens. This is sustainability that runs through the entire company’s philosophy. For example, the company’s fleet of vehicles has already been converted to electric and hybrid drives, LED lighting has been installed in the office buildings, and resource-efficient cooling in summer and heating in winter is possible thanks to a thermal pump that uses groundwater.

Climate Alliance company award
A team of people at RM Group has worked for more than half a year on further measures to save energy and protect the environment. For example, a 200 kWp photovoltaic system is to be installed at the production site in Linz over the next five years and the workshop roofs are to be extended with PV modules. Furthermore, the plan is to convert the heating systems to completely renewable energy. In addition, efficiency measures and raising awareness among the RM Family will reduce electricity consumption and ensure sustainability in the procurement of office materials, work clothes and cleaning agents.

Based on these and other energy saving concepts, the company based in Linz-Pichling was awarded the Climate Alliance seal – which represents a global partnership to protect the world’s climate – at the Fairtrade show in Linz at the beginning of October.

RM GROUP ist Klimabündnisbetrieb