The separation of impurities is crucial for the production of high-quality recycled building materials. An important part of this process is the air separator, which separates lighter impurities such as wood, textiles, plastic and paper from the heavy mineral grains by means of air flow. This ensures that the end product is unmixed and free of unwanted additives.

Compared to other suppliers, RUBBLE MASTER integrates the air separator directly into the crusher or screen, which saves time and labour and increases the efficiency of contaminant separation. The air separator is adaptable and can be adjusted to different materials and their impurities.

Integrated, compact wind sifter ensures end material without impurities

In order to be able to produce high-quality recycled construction materials, it is important to separate existing impurities. In addition to a magnetic separator on the crusher, that is responsible for separating out concrete iron, for example, the wind sifter uses air flow to separate out light materials such as wood, textiles, plastic and paper. Why? The answer is simple: by separating these materials, the end product is pure and therefore of a higher quality.

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Function wind sifter


The air flow blows lighter impurities outwards and collects them separately, while the heavier mineral grains fall downwards and are taken to the stockpile. The result: pure final material, free from unwanted additives that reduce quality.

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Separate impurities as early as possible by using a wind sifter

Basically, the earlier the impurities are separated, the better. This is why RM offers the air separator as an optional, integrated component of the RM 90GO!, RM 100GO! and RM 120X crushers, as well as the RM H50X scalping screen. Compared to many other suppliers, who offer the wind sifter as a separate process step or place it at great expense on the discharge conveyors, RM integrates the wind sifter directly into the crusher or screen. This eliminates an additional work step, saves time and allows the light materials to be separated more efficiently.

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Adjustments to the wind sifter

The RM wind sifter is characterised by its high adaptability for a wide range of requirements and applications. For example, if you have material with a lot of plastic and change to a material that contains a lot of wood as an impurity, not only the inclination but also the air flow of the air separator can be adjusted accordingly. This ensures that this impurity is also optimally separated from the rest of the material.

RM wind sifter compared to others

RUBBLE MASTER uses cross fans instead of tried and tested centrifugal fans, which are cheaper and require less power while still achieving maximum performance. RM’s integrated design in the crusher or screen eliminates the need for additional external ventilators, hoses or other complex installations.

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What does a wind sifter do?

A wind sifter separates light materials such as wood, textiles, plastic and paper from heavier, mineral materials, thus ensuring a high-quality end material.

When should impurities be removed by wind sifter?

As a general rule, impurities should be removed as soon as possible. Ideally, they should therefore be removed before being fed into the crusher so that they do not end up in the feed material. If this is still the case, the wind sifter ensures that the impurities are separated after crushing. To save one work step, RM therefore integrates the wind sifter directly into the crusher or screen.

Can I retrofit a wind sifter to the crusher or screen at RM?

Yes, RM offers wind sifters directly integrated into the machine as an option. The wind sifter can also be retrofitted at a later date, depending on the model.

Can I customise the wind sifter settings?

Yes, at RM the wind sifter can be customised for a wide variety of applications. The inclination and air flow of the wind sifter can be adapted to the respective material.

Where are the sorted impurities collected?

Ideally, you should place a container next to the crusher or screen so that the wind sifter ejects the impurities directly into the container. Once the container is full, it can be easily removed and the construction site remains clean.

Tip: Stretch a net over the container so that material that has already been sorted out, such as plastic, cannot jump out again and a clean construction site is guaranteed.

How do I know that I have set the windsifter correctly?

  1. check the material on the return conveyor – if there are still too many impurities in the material, the air flow must be increased
  2. take a look at the already separated impurities (light materials) in the container – if there are too many stones in the material, the air flow is too high and must be reduced

Innovative windsifter for the H50X scalping screen

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