From February 28 to March 1, 2024, the Product Champions Meeting Latam took place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The meeting was a great success and provided an excellent opportunity for our dealers from various Latin American countries to network and learn about the latest developments in our products. The program covered a wide range of topics, including the latest product information, insights into the RM Virtual World & Digital Solutions, global market developments with a focus on LATAM, news from the RM Academy and current applications in the region. Particularly exciting was the discussion on the current situation in Latin America, which provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

The on-site demo allowed our participants to get an idea of our products using a Maya Train construction project. The limestone used as a material illustrated the versatility of our machines and their performance in different areas of application. In addition to the technical exchange, the social aspect was not neglected. The group team-building activity strengthened cohesion and promoted networking between the representatives from Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Central America & the Caribbean and Paraguay.



We would like to thank all participants for their active participation and look forward to incorporating the knowledge gained into our future work.