First own crusher instead of subcontracting

Impact crusher with wind si􀅌er ensures high-quality final aggregate in the south of France

Processing recycling material independently, flexibly and regardless of the location whilst obtaining high-quality final aggregate as a result. This was the requirement of a French customer of RM sales partner I.M.H. With the RM 90GO! crusher, including wind sifter, acquired for the first time in February, this is now a reality.


Country: France
Machine: RM 90GO! + wind sifter + RM MS95GO!
Material: Concrete & construction waste
Feed material: 0-500 mm
Final aggregate size: 0-20 mm

Amourdedieu TP, based in Ansouis, north of Marseille, is with over 80 employees one of the leading companies for public works, landscaping and recycling mineral waste in the south of France. For various temporary construction sites, the company needed a mobile crusher that could crush recycling material such as concrete and construction and demolition waste on site and process it into high-quality final aggregate in the desired sizes. Previously, this task was always outsourced to external service providers, but now, thanks to the RM 90GO! crusher, the customer can handle this task flexibly and independently of the location.

With a throughput capacity of 110 tonnes per hour, the RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher can process the 0-500 mm feed material into 0-30 mm and 30-80 mm pure final grain. The finer end material is recycled for use as a base for building structures or platforms, while the coarser end product, specifically the 30-80 mm grain, is used for the back of walls to aid the drainage of buildings. The wind sifter, which is integrated into the crusher, plays a crucial role in separating impurities from recycled building materials, thereby ensuring the production of a high-quality end product.


Kunde IMH aus Frankreich mit RM 90GO!

We are very satisfied with the final grain size produced by the impact crusher. Thanks to its efficiency, the wind sifter in particular is very helpful in separating impurities from the 30-80 mm material,” says Ollier Julien, Managing Director of Amourdedieu TP.


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