Compared to others, RM is the number 1

“I tried out many brands when choosing my crusher. RM convinced me with its high product quality, high throughput and compactness. As a result, the crusher is easy to manoeuvre, easy to feed, and can therefore be used flexibly on different job sites.” – Pasquale Alfieri, Italy, Equipment Fleet Manager, Alexis Appalti S.R.L

High throughput with perfect, cubical aggregate

„The quality of the final aggregate is extremely important to RCD. The compactness and efficiency of our RM crusher enables us to provide this perfect cubical aggregate also mobile on different construction sites.” – Paulo Biscaia, Portugal, Technical Director, RCD – Resíduos de Construção e Demolição SA

“It just makes sense”

“The RM 90GO! is a great machine: super compact, easy to transport, great production and very versatile. It saves dollars right off the bat from trucking down to material cost. It just makes sense.“ – Billy Todd, USA, Owner of 108 Excavating

“We are family”

“We have been business partners for 14 years. The continuous innovation at RM and their mobile crushers make us the market leader. We are committed to the partnership with our customers in the same way that we look after our partnership with RUBBLE MASTER. Innovation is the first key to success, being true partners in a business relationship is the second one in achieving our goals.” –
Pascal Gosselin, Sales Manager at J. Y. Voghel Inc., Canada, Dealer Meeting 2017

RM committed to customer relationships

“The best thing about this crusher from RM in Austria is that you have a global product with the experience and enthusiasm of world wide sales partners who look after their customers. Not only after they have purchased the machine but for the entire lifetime of the machine.” – Flori Pöppel, Germany, rental fleet manager, Jürgen Kölsch GmbH, Dealer Meeting 2017

Highly efficient & versatile crusher

“I am very happy with the performance of our RM 80GO! – it is a user-friendly and versatile machine for efficient concrete recycling and stone crushing with little downtime.”
Mr Kelvin Ng (on the right), Site Manager, Sing Tec Development Pte Ltd, Singapore

Super-efficient RM crushers

“We purchased an RM 90GO! last year for some remediation work of concrete and it’s been excellent. Very little downtime and super-efficient. We couldn’t be happier.” – James Secord, Roughrider, Canada

Great company with great products

“RM is a great company to deal with. Excellent service, customers very happy with the machines and yeah, we couldn’t be happier to be a RUBBLE MASTER dealer and look forward to working with them for many years to come!” – Brad Dewit, President of our dealer Shearforce Equipment, Canada

“Service works perfectly.”

“Sincerity, reliability, punctuality and precision are the most important values for our company. And we also find them at RUBBLE MASTER. RM Service works perfectly. The RM service technicians are all extremely competent and are with us fast, by the following morning at the latest. We hardly have any downtime and if there are any major repairs then we use a replacement machine.” – Hannes Staber, (left) Managing Director of Staber Drautalkies, Carinthia/Austria

At RM you are part of the future

“They plug you in, take you with them and you have the feeling that you are part of a forward-looking idea which wants to be lived. This is what is special, this is something you don’t experience elsewhere.” – Peter Homann, Regional Sales Manager for RM dealership Christophel, Germany

The crusher is ready for action in ten minutes

“I work with RM because I am impressed with the brand. We have no problems and customer service is exceptional. Other manufacturers need a crane to assemble the crusher. With RM, one man can do it within 10 minutes. This is unbeatable in my opinion. And the know-how that is involved is simply remarkable!” – Konrad Götz, Transport and Excavation Company, Seubersdorf in der Oberpfalz, Germany