Time savings with RM

“RUBBLE MASTER products are very versatile. We have worked in rivers and at very narrow sites and we have been receiving very good results. Practically, you unload the machine and you start producing immediately. Therefore, we have a considerable time saving advantage.”

Enrique Bobadilla, Owner, Minas las Derrumbadas, Mexico

Great fuel-efficiency

“I have seen many machines and, in comparison, RM machines are extremely fuel-efficient. In our current project, we consume about 50 liters/h with both, our RM 120GO! and the RM MSC10500M post screen. We are very happy with our choice!”

Enrique Bobadilla, Owner, Minas las Derrumbadas, Mexico

First RM 100GO! hybrid in use in Latvia

This is the first time that a RM 100GO! hybrid mobile crusher finds its way to Latvia. As a result, the RUBBLE MASTER sales partner Powerscreen Latvia SIA has gained a ned customer. Ivars Pleiko, Managing Director of SIA Jekapbils Dolomits, already has a clear understanding of the crushing business in the dolomite quarry as a supplier of materials for local road construction projects.

RM 120X replaces 3 crushers

Since purchasing the first RM 120X crusher we have achieved higher production volumes, exceptional quality of crushed material and lower operating costs with fewer machines in operation. The RM 120X impactor carries out the same job that was previously done by three crushers. The RM 120X is very easy to clean and maintain, plus the machine can be easily transported from one quarry to another.

Results and performance of RM machines led to further purchases

I have several RM machines and I am very pleased with the results and performance from each. First I bought an RM 70GO! crusher, then an RM 120GO! and later an MXJ 1100 + RM 120X + RM MSC10500M-3D screener and all of them have performed outstandingly.

Fuel and wear costs dramatically reduced

The mobile and highly versatile RM machines reduced our fuel and wear costs dramatically. Furthermore, the unique geometry of the RM Impactors’ crushing chamber, which results in higher throughput capacity and a superior reduction ratio, convinced us to purchase several units from the RM Group.

Martín Leija, Director de Operaciones “El Tesoyo”, Mexico

RM crushers can do more than other crushers

“RM crushers are so versatile. We use it to crush everything from C&D waste to natural stone, you can’t do that with other crushers. RM machines are also easy to operate. We unload our RUBBLE MASTER at the job site and start crushing.”

Simon Hauser, Junior Manager of Hauser Transporte, Austria

RMs are good all-round machines

“RMs are good all-round machines. They are easy to use, easy to move, manageable, ideal for small sites and demolition work. We’re pretty pleased with our RM 90GO!.”
Paul Bates, Director,
PR Bates Service, UK

RMs are very operator friendly

“We also own an RM 100GO! that stays as a permanent fixture on site. The customer loves it, the throughput is good and it’s a good crusher. The operators like it, it’s not too technical. We found some of the other companies are over engineering things, so the operators struggle to use them, whereas the RMs are very operator friendly.”
Craig Hore, Plant Director,
KKB Group, UK

I can rely on RM

“In 2018 we bought our first RM compact crusher. Since then we are very satisfied with its performance as well as with the always available high-quality after sales service. Today, we own two RM 120GO!, a MSC post screen and three MTS stackers.”
Joaquin Fernandez
Owner of TECSUL, Paraguay

Perfect product quality

“In the past we used stationary crushers. With the RM 90GO! mobile crusher unit we achieve the perfect final material quality. The crushed cuboid grain can immediately be used for sub base in road construction, which saves us both time and money. That’s simply brilliant!”
Armando Villareal, Quarry Manager,
V & G Construcciones, Panama

RM Family

“In 2005 we bought our first RM crusher, which enabled us to successfully launch our new line of business. What hasn’t changed during all these years is that with RUBBLE MASTER, there is someone really caring about you being successful in your business. It still remains today and I think it always will.”
Ron Garofalo, Owner D.A.G. Mobile Aggregate Recycling, New Jersey, USA

Quality is imperative

“I am really impressed with the quality of my RUBBLE MASTER RM 90GO! crusher and the support is first-class too! I can rely on the way the machine works. We have been operating our RM crusher for more than two years without a problem.”
Ramón Fitó, Co-owner Excavacions I Transports Fitó, S.L., Spain

Growing together with RM

“What impresses me most about RM is the growth of the company. This change started many years ago at the first product champion meeting. Since that time the growth has been exponential and I am happy to be part of it.”
Mauricio Andrade, Sales Director at Euro Representaciones S.A. de C.V., Mexiko,
RM Product Champion

Great customer orientation in RM Academy

„I enjoyed it a lot to participate at the RM Academy’s operator training. What I liked most is that the training is very practical and customer oriented. They do not offer run-of-the-mill trainings, instead they adapted the content to my needs.”
Adam Żurek, Technical Director Budimex, Poland

RM – beyond comparison

“I am extremely satisfied with my choice. Compared to others, the RM 120GO! is the most powerful, most economical and the most reliable. Our customers are pleased with the high quality of the final aggregate and are surprised at how easily the machine can be transported.”
Mr. Yin, Owner of Changzhou Ao Qi Project Management Co., Ltd., China

Great customer service and availability of spares

“What I like most about RUBBLE MASTER is the ability to talk to the people in charge and get things done. For example, when we ran out of hammers and they weren’t really available locally, I was able to talk to the people to get them in here quickly. They keep us going.”
Genaro Dominguez, Dominguez & Sons Trucking, California, USA

Solution oriented as part of the RM philosophy

“I feel a close connection to RM because we have grown together and have always been given support. It doesn’t matter what your question is, they can always suggest a solution!”
Manfred Schrefler, Founder and Managing Director of Manfred Schrefler GmbH, Austria

The perfect all-round package

With RUBBLE MASTER, you just know that everything is going to work smoothly. Operator training is an absolute must. Here, operators are trained to operate the machines perfectly. Even the smallest problems are solved straightaway by the service team.
Armin Mitterer, Equipment Operator, Gebr. Stöcklin & Co. AG

Costs covered quickly

What was great about getting this crusher was that my wife opened a special account to keep track of our expenses: repairs, how much diesel we need, all the costs. After three quarters of a year she closed the account again, which was great. I’ve still got my wife, and the crusher as well!
Konrad Götz, Managing Director, and his wife Claudia Götz, Konrad Götz GmbH, Germany

Innovative technology in a class of its own

“Technically, RM is the market leader in terms of performance and industrial design. Without too many bells and whistles, their machines are in a class of their own: Easy to use, intuitive and elegant.”
Klaus Weickl (Ing.), Managing Director, Weickl Erdbau GmbH, Austria

RM is the market leader in Great Britain

We chose RUBBLE MASTER because they offer compact machines that are mobile and deliver a reliable throughput capacity. RUBBLE MASTER is the market leader for compact crushers and screens in Great Britain as far as we are concerned.
Colin Basi, Owner, Andy Shaw, General Manager Aggregate Recycling & Contract Crushing, KKB, UK

RM V550GO! replaces two crushing stages

The proportion of sand and the quality of the final aggregate are much higher with the RM V550GO! than with previous combinations. The 2nd and 3rd crushing stage have not just been replaced by the RM V550GO! but also optimised and made more efficient. The precisely cuboid material and the high proportion of sand are perfect for us!”
Juan Carlos Fischer, Company Owner, El Camino, Paraguay

RM always reacts very quickly

“We feel very well looked after by RM SWITZERLAND. Their service and spare parts supply works well. Even if something goes wrong, they react very quickly.”
Roland Wildi, Technical Manager, Kies Lenz AG, Switzerland

RM crusher complies with strictest environmental laws

The final aggregate produced by RUBBLE MASTER crushers far exceeded my expectations. In addition, the RM 90GO! complies with the environmental regulations in terms of emissions, dust suppression and noise without problems. Choosing the RM brand was completely the right decision!
FengGuangqing, General Manager, LinZhou City JuXin renewable resources Co. LTD

Impressed with throughput and compactness

“RM convinced me with its high product quality, high throughput and compactness. Because it is so compact, an RM crusher is easy to manoeuvre and easy to feed. That’s why you can use one of these crusher units with total flexibility on a variety of construction sites.“
Khun Chawachote Wangmontree, Managing Director of Sinsupanan Co., Ltd., Thailand

In matters of service RM is market leader

“RUBBLE MASTER is the market leader in service. It is not something that you can take for granted, that the wear parts you ordered the day before are then delivered the very next day. RM is a leader in all areas, in terms of quality and service.”
– Hannes Kutzer, Construction Manager, Halbeisen & Prast KG, Austria

Tapping full potential through RM service

“We have been working with RM impact crushers for 15 years because they are so easy to operate and ready for use extremely quickly. Additionally, we know that we can rely on RM Lifetime Support at all times. Thanks to the RM 24/7 service, product training and active contact with our RM dealers we can tap the full potential of the crusher.” – Ramón Fitó, owner Excavacions I Transports Fitó, S.L., Spain

RM crushers need little fuel

“The RM 90GO! is the perfect crusher for us. Thanks to its diesel-electric drive the RM impact crusher still works reliably even at 45 °C and fuel consumption is markedly lower than other manufacturers’ machines. Not only that: RUBBLE MASTER has the best balance between weight / dimensions at maximum throughput.” – Abdullah Almefawez, proprietor of Abdullah Almefawez Est., Saudi Arabia

Everybody can recycle with RM crushers

“We got our first RM 90GO! one year ago. It is perfect for rental because RM crushers are unbelievably flexible, easy to use and extremely powerful. Even customers who have never worked with a crusher before can now easily recycle materials to save on disposal and protect the environment. In a few weeks, we will be taking delivery of our third.”
Paul Fot, Owner and Managing Director, FOT Machinery, Germany

Innovations by RM make your working day easier

“RM crushers are unique on-site thanks to their efficiency, low fuel consumption and flexible working position. Regardless of whether on an incline or on top of a hill,
RM crushers deliver maximum performance. That is a huge advantage, especially when working in rough terrain.” – Ahmet Cihan Colpan, Product Group Manager, SiF, Turkey

Compared to others, RM is the number 1

“I tried out many brands when choosing my crusher. RM convinced me with its high product quality, high throughput and compactness. As a result, the crusher is easy to manoeuvre, easy to feed, and can therefore be used flexibly on different job sites.” – Pasquale Alfieri, Italy, Equipment Fleet Manager, Alexis Appalti S.R.L

High throughput with perfect, cubical aggregate

„The quality of the final aggregate is extremely important to RCD. The compactness and efficiency of our RM crusher enables us to provide this perfect cubical aggregate also mobile on different construction sites.” – Paulo Biscaia, Portugal, Technical Director, RCD – Resíduos de Construção e Demolição SA

“It just makes sense”

“The RM 90GO! is a great machine: super compact, easy to transport, great production and very versatile. It saves dollars right off the bat from trucking down to material cost. It just makes sense.“ – Billy Todd, USA, Owner of 108 Excavating

“We are family”

“We have been business partners for 14 years. The continuous innovation at RM and their mobile crushers make us the market leader. We are committed to the partnership with our customers in the same way that we look after our partnership with RUBBLE MASTER. Innovation is the first key to success, being true partners in a business relationship is the second one in achieving our goals.” –
Pascal Gosselin, Sales Manager at J. Y. Voghel Inc., Canada, Dealer Meeting 2017

RM committed to customer relationships

“The best thing about this crusher from RM in Austria is that you have a global product with the experience and enthusiasm of world wide sales partners who look after their customers. Not only after they have purchased the machine but for the entire lifetime of the machine.” – Flori Pöppel, Germany, rental fleet manager, Jürgen Kölsch GmbH, Dealer Meeting 2017

Highly efficient & versatile crusher

“I am very happy with the performance of our RM 80GO! – it is a user-friendly and versatile machine for efficient concrete recycling and stone crushing with little downtime.”
Mr Kelvin Ng (on the right), Site Manager, Sing Tec Development Pte Ltd, Singapore

Super-efficient RM crushers

“We purchased an RM 90GO! last year for some remediation work of concrete and it’s been excellent. Very little downtime and super-efficient. We couldn’t be happier.” – James Secord, Roughrider, Canada

Great company with great products

“RM is a great company to deal with. Excellent service, customers very happy with the machines and yeah, we couldn’t be happier to be a RUBBLE MASTER dealer and look forward to working with them for many years to come!” – Brad Dewit, President of our dealer Shearforce Equipment, Canada

“Service works perfectly.”

“Sincerity, reliability, punctuality and precision are the most important values for our company. And we also find them at RUBBLE MASTER. RM Service works perfectly. The RM service technicians are all extremely competent and are with us fast, by the following morning at the latest. We hardly have any downtime and if there are any major repairs then we use a replacement machine.” – Hannes Staber, (left) Managing Director of Staber Drautalkies, Carinthia/Austria

At RM you are part of the future

“They plug you in, take you with them and you have the feeling that you are part of a forward-looking idea which wants to be lived. This is what is special, this is something you don’t experience elsewhere.” – Peter Homann, Regional Sales Manager for RM dealership Christophel, Germany

The crusher is ready for action in ten minutes

“I work with RM because I am impressed with the brand. We have no problems and customer service is exceptional. Other manufacturers need a crane to assemble the crusher. With RM, one man can do it within 10 minutes. This is unbeatable in my opinion. And the know-how that is involved is simply remarkable!” – Konrad Götz, Transport and Excavation Company, Seubersdorf in der Oberpfalz, Germany