Earlier this year, the RM headquarters recorded good news. “The production of our mobile crushing plants has changed in recent years,” says Gerald Hanisch, founder and CEO of RUBBLE MASTER. It took a few years from the first presentation of a mobile crushing plant in 1992 to series production in 1997. With the new building, which opened in 2001, the production process was further professionalized. “Today, more than 60 employees work in production at the Upper Austrian business location and we can deliver almost 20 crushing plants to our customers every month,” Hanisch explains proudly.

The RM Group is particularly pleased about the machine jubilee, which was celebrated in early 2020. “In recent years we have been able to continuously produce and deliver more mobile crushing plants to our satisfied customers,” says Hanisch proudly. The numbers are impressive: the smallest model of the mobile GO! Fleet, the RM 70GO! has already been delivered 400 times and continues to impress worldwide with its small dimensions, high throughput and the new MS. Also the teams working on the RM 100GO! and RM 90GO! have been having a big reason to celebrate due to the great number of machines already produced.

The members of the RM Group are particularly pleased about the 100th produced RM 120GO!, the RM Group’s flagship. The unique crusher design impresses with excellent final grain quality with a throughput of 350 t/h. The RM 120GO! is the most compact crusher of this size with only 35 tons. RM‘s high product quality is well known and appreciated by the customer. That is why the standard warranty for newly purchased RM 120GO! extended to 5 years. The extended full guarantee model is particularly interesting. If you decide to buy an RM 120GO! with the machine communication tool RM GO! SMART, you get an extended full warranty of 24 months. Gerald Hanisch knows: “This service is unique in the industry – we are setting new standards.”