Manoeuvrable, mobile, easy to commission and environmentally friendly. These criteria were decisive for the recycling centre operator Solid Waste Recycling Company P.C. from Larisa, Greece, when purchasing their crusher for the first time from the Greek RM sales partner Helma SA. The RM 70GO! 2.0 was just what they needed.


Country: Greece
Machine: RM 70GO! 2.0
Material: C&D waste
Infeed size: 400 mm
Final aggregate size: 0-35 mm
RM 70GO! 2.0 in Griechenland mit Kunde

The RM impact crusher has now been crushing around 70 tonnes per hour of construction waste and occasionally asphalt for over six months and processing it into 0-35 mm high-quality final aggregate for resale. And this despite never having worked with a crusher before. The simple handling and commissioning of the RM crusher enables even inexperienced operators to get started immediately. Thanks to the RM GO! principle, which stands for simplicity and efficiency, the crusher can be put into operation within minutes and can be used flexibly for a wide variety of materials as well as for a change of location.

Compactness & Mobility an advantage

In the small recycling yard, manoeuvring and special reversing manoeuvres are difficult or even impossible with large machines. This is where the RM 70GO! 2.0 can fully utilise its advantages. Weighing just 19 tonnes, the RM 70GO! 2.0 is one of the lightest crushers on the market. Thanks to its compact size, it convinces with outstanding manoeuvrability, even when space is limited, and also impresses with its enormous throughput capacity.

Emission levels as low as possible

In Greece, all construction machines must carry special yellow licence plates to be immediately recognisable as complying with the government’s environmental regulations. This is no problem for the RM 70GO! 2.0, because with its extremely low diesel consumption whilst delivering high throughput, it is one of the most sustainable impact crushers in its class.

Over 9000 tonnes of material with a feed size of up to 400 mm have been crushed to date. But that’s not all: due to the high level of satisfaction of the Greek customer, further areas of application for the mobile impact crusher are already being considered.

In recent years, virtual 3D worlds have emerged as a new form of digital presentation. During the pandemic, they were increasingly used to offer customers at least a virtual trade fair tour after trade fairs were canceled worldwide. These new 3D worlds will develop rapidly and presumably replace websites in the future, as they offer new possibilities for presentation and collaboration.

For this reason, the RM Group has been working intensively since last September on the development of a virtual RM world in which we can present our products and innovations in digital form. In addition to the website and the RM Cockpit, the virtual world is set to become another valuable digital tool for customers, dealers and potential employees. Visitors will be able to navigate virtually through a realistic environment and view our products from different perspectives.

In future, users will be able to explore the machines in impressive detail. They will be able to view the various components from any angle and better understand the functionalities of our products. This will give them an interactive experience that will help them find the right solution for their requirements.

Visit our virtual world and get a first impression of the possibilities that already exist.

Virtuelle Welt Maps
Virtuelle Welt Welcome

RM customer Welbers in Wemb, North Rhine-Westphalia, crushes up to 110 tonnes of gravel per hour with their RM 100GO! hybrid, fully electric, connected to the grid. The results speak for themselves because fully electric drive reduces energy costs by around 50%, the total operating costs by 11% per year, and it also protects the environment. The family-owned business also benefits from maximum flexibility. Thanks to the hybrid crusher, they can crush other materials, such as C&D waste, in addition to fully electric gravel processing.


Country: Germany
Machine: RM 100GO! hybrid
Material: Gravel & C&D waste
Feed material: Gravel: 16-x, 32-x, C&D waste: 0-650
Final aggregate size: 0-16mm gravel, 0-45mm C&D waste

Welbers in Germany have been operating a sand and gravel plant for generations. In July 2023, they purchased their first crusher, an RM 100GO! hybrid, to process gravel to the highest quality 0-16 fraction final aggregate. The reason is that the cone crushers they used to hire cannot achieve the quality of results achieved by impact crushers. “With the new RM 100GO! hybrid, we get a much better geometry of aggregate compared to the cone crushers we used to use. Asphalt adheres better and decorative chippings look better; essential criteria for our customers, who range from landscape gardeners and building contractors to private consumers,” says Jonathan Schaffers, Managing Director of Welbers Kieswerke GmbH.

Impressive trials on the company’s premises

Although the German company was initially sceptical about the performance of the RM crusher, a test run in May dispelled their concerns. The long-standing RM dealer Christophel, a competent partner and supplier of mobile processing technology with plenty of experience in gravel plants, organised a test run directly on the customer’s site to demonstrate how the RM 100GO! processes 16-40 mm gravel and oversize feed material of 32-130 mm to produce the highest quality 0-16 mm final aggregate. In addition to processing gravel, Welbers also tested the machine briefly with C&D waste. Indeed, the machine confirmed what many satisfied RM machine owners from the surroundings have already discovered: a finished 0-45 mm final aggregate, as well as a screened oversize aggregate at a high output with good operating costs. The impressive results convinced the customer, and they ordered their RM 100GO! hybrid at the end of May.

Protect the environment and save on fuel costs with hybrid drive

The aim of leaving land in better condition from an ecologically standpoint than it was before excavation started, has always been the philosophy of the Welbers’ family business. That is why they decided to go for the hybrid version of the RM crusher, in addition to capitalising on the grid connection they already had on site. Now nothing stands in the way of emission-free, fully electric operation. An attractive side advantage is the saving on running costs: already high fuel costs are reduced by using electricity. Since taking delivery of the new machine in June, it has already saved EUR 1000 on diesel.


Fully electric crushing: easy and uncomplicated

Previously, hardly anybody processed gravel fully electrically using mobile crushers. If you have an existing connection to the grid, however, this is easier than you might have thought. To power the crusher, Schaffers first connects the 15-metre cable to the grid transformer station and then to the crusher. This simple step sees the machine ready for action in just a few minutes. “We are very satisfied with the crusher because it really delivers the performance it promises in electric mode and does an excellent job of processing gravel,” says Schaffers.

Maximum flexibility & mobility

In addition to cost efficiency and reducing emissions, Schaffers appreciates the additional advantages in terms of the flexibility and mobility of the hybrid crusher. Because the crusher is mounted on a chassis with crawler gear, they can move from processing gravel in electric mode to crushing 0-45 fraction C&D waste directly on site in diesel mode. In contrast to the processing of C&D waste being outsourced, as it was previously, this can now be done flexibly and independently at any location. This level of mobility paired with low-emission drive technology is something that the owner really appreciates. Particularly with regard to the new substitute building materials directive, which took effect in Germany at the beginning of August 2023, because now the company’s major advantage is that they no longer have to constantly obtain proof of suitability from external service providers, but can do that themselves.

They have processed several thousand tonnes of gravel since July, and all without fuel. The company plans to follow a processing schedule, whereby every couple of months C&D waste will be crushed for two to three weeks. The rest of the time they will process gravel in fully electric mode. They will therefore crush around 40,000 tonnes of gravel a year using power from the grid. “The RM 100GO! hybrid is ideal for handling both process applications: C&D waste and natural stone. I am delighted we have found Welbers the perfect solution, which is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly,” says Christian Knepperges, Sales Manager at C. Christophel GmbH.

With an export quota of 96 percent, the Linz-based machine manufacturer is a model company from the region. With this in mind, 21 delegates from the Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to RUBBLE MASTER last Friday. Among them were Mariana Kühnel, M.A., Deputy Secretary General, Michael Otter, Head of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, Florian Zeppetzauer, Head of Export Center Upper Austria and Dr Elisabeth Czachay, Project Manager Export Center Upper Austria. During a tour of the company premises, the WKO delegates were able to see the open corporate culture, the innovative technology and the RM spirit for themselves.

RUBBLE MASTER’s success is based, among other things, on the close cooperation between the departments, which is also reflected in the spatial design of the company, as the production hall and the offices are only separated by glass walls. “This openness not only promotes communication between the teams, but also creates an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. And these factors are crucial to our success on the global market. The export ratio of 96 per cent underlines our competitiveness and also our strategic orientation. North and South America and South East Asia in particular are important growth markets for us, which we are focussing on,” says Gerald Hanisch, founder and CEO of the RM Group.

Back in June, the crusher and screen manufacturer was honoured with the silver export award in the trade and crafts category. The Upper Austrian company exports its mobile crushers and screens for recycling building materials to over 110 countries around the world. “The reception by the Chamber of Commerce and the award of the Export Prize are confirmation of our efforts and success on the global market. Our focus on innovative mobile crushers and screens for recycling building materials has not only made us a flagship for Upper Austria, but also a reliable partner worldwide,” concludes CFO Günther Weissenberger.


  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Machine: RM 90GO! + RM HS5000M
  • Material: Concrete
  • Feed material: Up to 20 inch
  • End grain size: Smaller than 2 inches
  • Use of end material: Road construction throughout the city


Masdar City is an urban development project in Abu Dhabi that is considered a pioneer for sustainability and green energy. Renowned companies and institutes worldwide are involved in the design and construction, including RUBBLE MASTER. Masdar City is a leader in construction waste recycling and will be in the spotlight during the next UN Climate Change Conference COP28.

Masdar City Services decided to purchase RUBBLE MASTER machines back in 2008 and later invested again in the RM 90GO! compact impact crusher and the RM HS5000M coarse screening plant. The relationship between dealer, customer and RM Group played a decisive role.

Beton aufbereiten mit RM 90GO! + RM HS5000M

The company appreciates the flexibility and speed of RUBBLE MASTER’s mobile solutions. The plants are mainly used for crushing and screening concrete used for roads and paths within the city. The mobility and low-emission drive technology of the machines are particularly important in Masdar City’s compact, shady construction to minimise noise and dust generation.

Saudi Arabia and the futuristic NEOM mega-project also offer great potential for mobile recycling of construction and demolition waste. RUBBLE MASTER has been active in Saudi Arabia since 2012 and has already been involved in numerous prestigious projects. NEOM, consisting of four regions, will be a CO2-neutral city where cars are banned and everything is within a maximum of 5 minutes walking distance. RUBBLE MASTER is working on this project with eight mobile impact crushers to make the excavated material usable for road construction.

In Saudi Arabia and Masdar City, the need for mobile recycling is increasing due to large construction projects. RUBBLE MASTER is well positioned to meet this need.

Space-saving, powerful and versatile – these are the qualities that distinguish the crushers and screens from RUBBLE MASTER. The RM 70GO! 2.0 crusher and the RM CS4800 screen have once again proven how compact they really are, crushing and screening rock at an altitude of over 3000 metres on the Titlis, one of the highest excursion mountains in Switzerland. An additional concrete plant enables rapid processing and recycling directly on site. The result: top-quality end grain, considerable time and cost savings. In addition, the environment is protected by avoiding countless transport journeys.

At an altitude of over 3000 metres, the Titlis is one of the most famous excursion destinations in Switzerland. Since 1967, the mountain station has transported millions of visitors to the glacier. Now this and a new, single-track cable car are to be renewed or rebuilt. The consortium (Arbeitsgemeinschaft) Titlis 3020 Schweiz, including Marti AG, Porr Suisse and Bürgi AG, has been working since May this year on this multi-million project, which is to be completed by 2027. In order to work efficiently and save time and costs, the Titlis 3020 consortium relies on the RM 70GO! 2.0 from RUBBLE MASTER, which is easy to transport due to its compact size and low weight and, thanks to its wide crusher inlet, can process large rock & stone blocks quickly. In addition to the crusher, the RM CS4800 mobile screen is also used on site to process the gravel into high-quality final grain. In this way, the fractions 0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-32 can be produced in the fewest possible working steps.

Reliability & flexibility despite extreme conditions

“At this altitude, we need a lightweight, enormously powerful crusher that is operational and reliable even in extreme weather conditions. The crusher and screen from RUBBLE MASTER fulfil all this. Another advantage is the crawler chassis, which provides even more flexibility on the mountain. This means that even at an altitude of over 3,000 metres, we can move the equipment to another location and process material at any time,” says Martin Käslin, site manager of ARGE Titlis 3020.

Top customer service guarantees transport at an altitude of over 3000 metres

In addition to the flexibility and maximum performance offered by RM’s crushers and screens, Käslin also emphasises the extremely obliging advice as well as the excellent service and individual planning provided by RM Switzerland. After all, the transport of the crusher to the glacier was planned for more than 12 months until the impact crusher was finally delivered and transported to the Titlis in June 2023. The crusher was first transported by truck to the Trübsee intermediate station. A specially converted forwarder then transported the crusher to the middle station, Stand station. Here the crusher then shed around 9 tonnes of weight. While the dismantled parts were transported to the top station by aerial cableway, the remaining crusher continued its ascent with the help of the converted forwarder via a black runway. Once at the destination, RM Switzerland reassembled the previously dismantled parts. In the meantime, the crusher was able to process rock into valuable final grain during more than 150 operating hours.

“This project shows once again that we can respond to the individual needs of each customer and offer tailor-made solutions. I am pleased that we were once again able to prove our unique service,” says Pascal Schärer, Managing Director of RM Switzerland.

At the start of the expansion of the RM production hall at the beginning of October, the Upper Austrian technology company is using one of its own crushers to process the asphalt directly on site and reuse it for the construction of the hall. This recycling process not only saves the company costs, but also some lorry journeys, thus protecting the environment. In addition to the expansion of the production hall, a new service centre and then a logistics centre will be built at the site in Linz-Pichling from 2024.

This year’s Service Champion Meeting took place on 14 and 15 September with great pleasure and success. We welcomed a total of 16 participants from 10 different countries. It was a special opportunity to bring together our global service champions and share best practices.

The representatives from the USA, England, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Ireland enriched the event with their diversity of experiences and perspectives. This cultural mix was instrumental in strengthening our global cooperation and generating new ideas. Extensive company tours and impressive demos were conducted over the course of the two days. These enabled our guests to gain a deep insight into our innovative processes and products. In addition, the sessions provided space for exciting discussions and the exchange of best practices.

The participants were enthusiastic about the technologies presented and the outstanding achievements of our teams worldwide. The positive feedback and open discussions helped to create an inspiring and motivating atmosphere. In addition to the technical level, the interpersonal interaction was not neglected. In a relaxed atmosphere, many contacts were made and existing relationships were deepened. The joint dinner and informal discussions provided the perfect setting for the intercultural exchange.

The Service Champion Meeting was a great success and we would like to thank all participants for their commitment and participation. This event not only strengthened our global network but also laid the foundation for future innovation and collaboration.

The aim of many companies is to make full use of the potential of their employees, to promote young talents, to take into account their life situation and to offer women equal opportunities. This is not new for RUBBLE MASTER, but has been lived practice for more than two decades. With success! Because with a flexible part-time model especially for female managers, the company offers women an attractive perspective in which both the company and the female employees benefit from numerous advantages.


At RUBBLE MASTER, working hours are not the only yardstick for management performance. “First and foremost, it takes appropriate professional and social skills; everything else is a question of organisation and not the number of hours per week,” emphasises Günther Weissenberger, CFO of the RM Group. Therefore, it is a matter of course for RUBBLE MASTER that leading teams does not happen exclusively on a full-time basis, but must also be possible in part-time models.

Through different working time models tailored to the employee, the RM Group offers its female managers maximum flexibility, especially in times of starting a family. In this way, mothers can also fulfil their leadership aspirations and family planning in the long term. With this programme, RUBBLE MASTER has been able to promote numerous female managers in recent years. Currently, more than 50 % of female managers are in part-time employment.


“Thanks to the flexible working time models, it is possible for me to fulfil my role as a mother as well as my role as a manager at RUBBLE MASTER. The family atmosphere and the mutual support of colleagues are an additional factor for good, reliable cooperation, even when I am not in the house.“

JULIA ASCHENWALD, Head of Administration

“More than 20 years ago, RUBBLE MASTER was already a pioneer in this area and was very accommodating to me at that time. I think it is easier, especially for women with children, to take responsibility and to lead efficiently and purposefully.“

ELISABETH ZITTMAYR, Head of Wear & Spare Parts