The RM innovations presented at this year’s Recycling Aktiv trade fair generated huge interest among the visitors. The flagship, the RM 120GO!, was shown in operation for the first time in combination with the new RM GO! SMART service tool.

RUBBLE MASTER integrates mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets in the infrastructure of its mobile crushing machines. The vision of a tool which guides the operator in the optimisation of throughput and troubleshooting will become reality in the near future for the Linz-based recycling specialists for stone and recycled construction materials.

Visitors at Recycling Aktiv were able to see the convincing benefits of this fleet management tool and the outstanding throughput rate of the RM 120GO! for themselves in a demonstration of the RM 120GO! with integrated RM GO! SMART. “Together with the RM GO! SMART service and optimisation tool the RM 120GO! is paving our way to the future. With a throughput rate of up to 350 t/h and a weight of only 35 t the mobile impact crusher is breaking new ground for us in every respect,” says Hanisch with confidence.

Thanks to this mobile crusher, RM offers a compact alternative to other crushers in this performance class. Service, cost saving and efficiency are just some of the criteria why companies decide to invest in a RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher. RM GO! SMART now adds another differentiator.

Would you like to know more about this expansion of the RM service range? Visit our new site: RM GO! SMART

Over 250 visitors experienced a sensational “Long Night of Art” at RUBBLE MASTER. The “RM Kunstereignisse” (RM Art Events) are part of the spirit and company culture practiced by the global market leader. “I am personally interested in art. Plus it increases the creative potential of the company. It helps people to think outside the box and encourages innovative ideas,” says Gerald Hanisch, explaining the background of the event.

In close collaboration with the Anton Bruckner Private University, Volkmar Klien, composition professor at the university, and RM CEO Gerald Hanisch staged a unique artistic event featuring 50 performers – most of them students at the university. The first part was entitled “Andante con moto” (“Walking with movement”). The listeners walked – led by the instrumentalists – in three groups to three different sound stations with the very latest music. The extremely exciting setting took people between hovering crushers into the middle of the various sound landscapes.

And among all of this, dancers mingled to inspire the movement and the moment. At the end of the “Andante” all sound collectives came together in the machine shop, led by Dr. Didi (Peter Androsch & Bernd Preinfalk). An intermezzo was followed by the grand finale: Christoph Cech with his hot interuniversity “Chaud!” band which performed at the place where jazz and rock meet. A moving dance performance directed by Bruckner University Professor Rose Breuss brought enchanting poetry into the company’s commissioning hall and Billy Roisz gave a fascinating multimedia performance.
Musician and Kepler Salon director Norbert Trawöger was the host for the evening and linked the individual elements in an accomplished manner.

There were also installations by Ben Gyula Fodor and Vazquez Luiza Schulz. The evening was rounded off by Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger with high-class, chill-out club music. Bruckner University rector Ursula Brandstätter spoke about the open-minded spirit which connects RM and the university and could be felt by everyone here with enthusiasm.
We are delighted about all the feedback, including this comment: “An experience with its finger on the pulse in terms of form and content which could act as a visionary model for any professional concert promoter!”

Countless interested guests visited the RUBBLE MASTER stand at CONEXPO 2017. The enthusiasm for the machines on show – an RM 70GO! and an RM 100GO! – knew no bounds, with several purchase contracts already being concluded at the show itself. The global market leader in mobile compact crushing stood out through the combination of machine compactness and high capacity.

Besides the two RM crushers on show, visitors to this year’s CONEXPO were also able to see the new mesh deck screen and refeeding belt on the RM 100GO!. The top priority in the development process was to achieve high precision in the separation of the screened materials. Oversized material is then transported back to the vibro-channel using the RM RFB7540GO! refeeding belt and subsequently fed back into the crusher. The pivoting refeeding belt also allows the oversized material to be discharged at any angle between 90° and 180°. Additionally, thanks to the higher output, trucks can now be filled directly with oversized material which saves one working step.

Many longtime customers at the show also received the latest information on RM innovations, including the wind sifter to separate mineral and non-mineral feed material. The show was also an ideal opportunity to exchange experience with the wide variety of applications. Ron Garofalo, for example, was reminded of when he bought his first RM crusher at CONEXPO 2005. “I decided in favour of an RM crusher back then because of the high efficiency in on-site reprocessing. What I find particularly impressive is that the machine is so compact and low-noise. The mobile crusher manages to produce a ¾”- product in a single pass. We process all our concrete, asphalt, brick and other construction and demolition waste immediately on site which saves us expensive transport distances. Purchasing the RM crusher even prompted us to set up a separate business unit in New Jersey and we now also offer contract services.”

“Reducing logistics and landfilling costs and the uncomplicated machine transport raise awareness for alternatives such as mobile, on-site processing. The crushers are built in such a way that they cause an absolute minimum of noise, dirt and emissions and can also be used in places where space is limited. The mobile processing systems put these benefits to the test in an urban environment at Ground Zero in New York, where the RM 70GO! was the only one which was allowed to process material here due to the noise and waste emission regulations in effect. What makes the Compact Crushers so impressive is that despite their small size they handle very high capacities and the quality of the end material is excellent nonetheless. This means that customers earn money with the RM crushers from day one of use.

RUBBLE MASTER exports 96% of its products, with 20% of the machines being sold in the North American market. RM’s portfolio aroused keen interest not only among customers in this market but also far beyond the borders of North America, from Australia to Latin America and Asia.

At the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce Africa Day on 2 February the focus was on the economic development of the continent and the associated opportunities for Upper Austrian companies. Christian Windhager, the Area Sales Manager responsible at RUBBLE MASTER, was invited to take part in the podium discussion to share his experience with the multifaceted continent from a company’s point of view. The experts analysed and discussed regional differences and ways of breaking into local markets.

The prevailing view that Africa is plagued by crisis and conflict was not shared by the Africa specialists who were present. On the contrary, some African states have turned into promising markets of the future with high growth potential.

RUBBLE MASTER has already been active in Africa for over 10 years. Our mobile crushers are in demand especially for the processing of natural stone. A local dealer network enables the best possible service in the respective area.