Numerous customers have been relying on RM Group’s electrified drive systems for years. The cost-effective hybrid drive systems on the RM 120X and RM 100GO! have impressed long-standing customers thanks to their innovative technology and consistent, compact design.

RM crushers easily comply with the strictest legal requirements in terms of exhaust, dust and noise emissions. This means that there is nothing to stop your working in urban areas, tunnels or inside buildings. Here you can find out more about the many different types of application processed by our satisfied customers.


Manfred Schrefler GmbH: Hybrid technology saves costs
“You just have to keep your finger on the pulse. We work with machines that are at the cutting edge of technology, and that is what people like. Sure you have to invest a little, but then work is more fun and less downtime saves money too. Regarding emission regulations, with the RM 100GO! Hybrid and its stage V engine we are among the best. Even though the new RM crusher is really great with its low fuel consumption, when I think about how diesel prices are developing compared to electricity, I can recycle cheaper with an electric-powered hybrid crusher.”


Taha Zahir: Low-emission C&D waste processing in a closed hall
Since 2020, Taha Zahir has been processing construction waste electrically using a RM 120X hybrid crusher. Because they are processing inside an enclosed building, exhaust, dust and noise emissions must be kept as low as possible. The dust suppression system also helps to minimise dust formation using water mist. Every day they process approximately 1000 tonnes of C&D waste, which they deliver to Kfar Quasem for road construction.


Terraluk Tiefbau GmbH: Effortless compliance with strict regulations in the city of Basel
The RM 120GO! effortlessly undercuts the strictest environmental regulations in Basel. The figures are impressive: 90 % of the processed material is used again. That saves 40 % of truck journeys. Lukas Schäublin was also impressed with the low diesel consumption and electric-powered system components.


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