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Why use telemetry?

The days of guessing productivity and costs are over. RM GO!SMART is an innovative tool that connects your smartphone with your RUBBLE MASTER crusher to keep track of production, monitor and analyze runtime and operating costs. It helps you take the estimate out of estimating, ultimately helping you make better decisions for your crushing operation. Best of all, it works independently from satellite connections and cell service.

Real Information

RM GO!SMART takes the estimate out of estimating.

Quantify Results

Daily reports (utilization, tonnages, machine data, performance, errors and alerts)

Optimize Processes

Get more done in a day by avoiding downtimes, manage fuel trucks, and get your parts ordered in time.

Plan for Maintenance

Fail to plan results in a plan to fail. RM GO!SMART provides all the information necessary to stay ahead of the curve.


Resolve Errors Faster

The app proposes the best course of action in the event of an error code.

Keep Crushing

Optimize reporting processes and provide quality feedback to your operators.

Optional Belt Scale

You do mobile crushing and have to bill by the ton.  RUBBLE MASTER offers on-board belt scales and printers to document your production output so that you can bill your customers faster and more accurately.

Cover Your Blind Spot RM GO! Smart shows you what's going on with your RUBBLE MASTER crusher and gives you the freedom to make fast and quantified business decisions.
Inlet opening
RM 120X
Impact Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
1,160 x 820 mm 46" x 32"
298 kW 400 HP
diesel-electric direct drive diesel-electric direct drive
44,000 kg 95,000 lbs
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RM 100GO! Compact Crusher RM 100GO!
Impact Crusher
250 tph 275 TPH
950 x 700 mm 37" x 28"
242 kW 325 HP
diesel-electric direct drive diesel-electric direct drive
33,600 kg 74,500 lbs
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RM 90GO! Compact Crusher RM 90GO!
Impact Crusher
180 tph 200 TPH
860 x 650 mm 34" x 25"
194 kW 260 HP
Diesel-electric Diesel-electric
28,400 kg 62,500 lbs
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RM 70GO! Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0
Impact Crusher
150 tph 165 TPH
760 x 600 mm 30" x 23"
115 kW 155 HP
Diesel-electric Diesel-electric
24,200 kg 53,400 lbs
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RM60 Compact Crusher RM 60
Impact Crusher
85 tph 90 TPH
640 x 550 mm 25” x 22”
75 kW 91 HP
Diesel-electric Diesel-electric
13,500 kg 29,800 lbs
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Since 1991, RUBBLE MASTER has brought numerous innovations to the market. We’re crushing & screening experts and work closely with contractors and aggregate producers world-wide.

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