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Screener Rental

Rent a mobile dirt, topsoil screen or gravel screen.

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Whether your need to rent a screen for a season or a project. We have a large selection of mobile screens available for rent.


High Performance

RUBBLE MASTER mobile screens provide the best throughput capacity in their class without sacrificing mobility.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use

RUBBLE MASTER reduces complexity in operating screening equipment so that you can get the most out of your rental and make more money.


Safe to use

Safe to Use

Safety is our top concern so that you get back to your family safely. Our equipment is well maintained and ready to screen.



If you don’t have a reliable rental screen, you’re leaving money on the job.

Without easy to operate equipment you’re wasting man hours on coordinating repairs, you are overwhelmed by the complexity, you are eating away at profit margin with downtime, and the growth of your company is being held back.

We make sure that our rental screens make you more money.

Turn your materials into money with refined machines that maximize profits and minimize downtime.

Factory direct trainings

On-Site Expertise

Our screening experts know the equipment inside out. We even come to your jobsite to inspect the material and discuss all your applications thoroughly.

The Right Screen for Your Job

RUBBLE MASTER offers a range of screening plants for a large variety of applications. Whether you need to screen topsoil or aggregates. We make sure to provide a solution that fits your production requirements and material quality needs.


Screen media

We Provide the Right Screen Media

We understand that the screen setup matters. Therefore, we use the screen media that will increase production and any lower downtime.


3 Steps to Get Your Screening Plant


Tell us about your project

We’ll pair you with a screening expert to help you choose the right screening plant that meets your needs and makes you money.  We even help you select the right screen media for your project.


Get your screening plant

We can arrange trucking or you pick it up. We also stay with you in the first hours of using the machine to train your staff onsite - your material, our expertise. We design our machines for easy single-operator use, so your team will feel confident and safe using your RUBBLE MASTER screen.


Get it done

Dominate the jobsite with machinery that holds up its end of the bargain. You’ll spend time getting the job done - not wasting time on unreliable or incorrectly configured machines. You’ll look forward to watching money coming out of your screen rental every day you’re on the job.


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Scalping Screens Ideal for processing a wide range of products including sand & gravel, topsoil, C&D waste, mulch, street sweepings and more. Scalping screens perform particularly well with coarse materials and contaminants.
Transport dimension
RM HS3500M Scalping Screen RM HS3500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
200 tph 220 TPH
2,743 x 1,220 mm 4 x 9 ft
2 2
9,880 x 2,550 x 3,190 mm 32'5" x 8'4" x 10'6"
16,500 kg 36,400 lbs
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RM HS5000M Mobile Scalper RM HS5000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
300 tph 330 TPH
3,660 x 1,420 mm 5 x 12 ft
2 2
13,440 x 2,730 x 3,200 mm 44´1" x 9´0" x 10´6"
24,500 kg 54,013 lbs
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RM HS7500M Mobile Scalper RM HS7500M
Mobile Scalping Screen
450 tph 450 TPH
4,880 x 1,525 mm 5 x 16 ft
2 2
15,005 x 2,920 x 3,430 mm 49´3" x 9´7" x 11´3"
33,000 kg 72,752 lbs
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RM HS11000M Portable Screener RM HS11000M
Mobile Scalping Screen
600 tph 600 TPH
18,300 x 6,100 mm 6 x 20 ft
2 2
16,345 x 3,000 x 3,550 mm 53’ 8” x 9’ 10” x 11’ 8”
40.500 kg 89,500 lbs
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Incline Screens Ideal for screening small materials such as sand & gravel, soils and aggregates. This type screener works particularly well with small infeed material.
RM MSC8500M-3D Incline Screen RM MSC8500M
Tracked Incline Screen
400 tph 440 TPH
5,485 x 1,525 mm 5 x 18 ft
2 or 3 2 or 3
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RM MSC10500M-2D Incline Screen RM MSC10500M
Tracked Incline Screen
450 tph 500 TPH
6,700 x 1,525 mm 5 x 22 ft
2 or 3 2 or 3
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