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Profits are not what they used to be!

Rising materials and truckings costs. It is harder to dispose of materials. Everything is getting more complicated and you are at the mercy of others. Many contractors still believe on-site crushing is not feasible for their business. RUBBLE MASTER has lowered the bar to start on-site crushing easily, so that small- and large- contractors alike can build a new profit center and grow their business.

Increase Your Profits

Reduce Your Dependency on Trucks

Get the freedom to use your own stockpile of crushed concrete, asphalt, and rock anytime.

If you don't have a compact crusher to process your materials on-site, you...

  • leave money on the job-site
  • waste time & money with sending your trucks on the road
  • won't eliminate your disposal costs
  • are dependent on quarries and recycle yards

We make compact crushers that work brilliantly for on-site crushing

While many mobile crushers are too big and others can be fed one brick at a time our mobile compact crushers are just right.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

Aggregate equipment is bulky, heavy, and difficult to move. RUBBLE MASTER machines are designed from scratch with mobility in mind, so you get the freedom to move anywhere and save transport costs.

Operate with Ease

Heavy equipment is hard to work on and getting more and more complex. RUBBLE MASTER builds crushers & screens that make material processing easier than ever. You can put any operator on your RUBBLE MASTER with confidence.

High Performance

RUBBLE MASTER compact crushers provide the best throughput capacity in their class without sacrificing mobility, so that you will make a lasting impression with your equipment.


5 simple questions to reveal your profit potential?


  1. How long is your truck on the road (round-trip) to dispose of material?
    Take everything into consideration. Actual trucking time, wait time at the scale house or dump-site, and the time to get loaded.
  2. How much does it cost you to move a load of material to a dump site?
    To answer this questions take the trucking time and multiply it with the going rate to hire a dump truck.
  3. How much do you pay for a load of your #1 material that you purchase?
    Is it readily available to you? Where do you need to go to get it? Does the price include trucking?
  4. How much do you spend to dispose a load of material?
    This cost does not go away unless you start crushing.
  5. How long is your truck on the road (round-trip) to get a new load of your #1 material?
    Can you dispose a load and pick up a load right away or do you run back empty in one direction?


Friction in your operation results in losing money

At RUBBLE MASTER, we don’t just care about the equipment - we care about what our equipment does for your team and for your bottom line. Our mission is to keep you from losing money to high operation costs or wasting time with traditional material disposal processes - so you can take back control of your operations and dominate the jobsite.

How the heck do I start crushing?

In this FREE 45-minute masterclass, you’ll learn from an experienced panel of contractors just like you who own crushers. RUBBLE MASTER has helped thousands of contractors get started with material processing, boost their profits, and grow their business.

Will you be next?

Compact Crushers RUBBLE MASTER offers a range of mobile compact crushers that have proven to be a good tool to start on-site crushing.
Transport dimension
RM 120X
Impact Crusher
350 tph 385 TPH
16,180 x 2,990 x 3,600 mm 52‘10” x 9`11” x 10’6“
44,000 kg 95,000 lbs
learn more
RM 100GO! Compact Crusher RM 100GO!
Impact Crusher
250 tph 275 TPH
14,700 x 2,860 x 3,155 mm 48'3" x 9'5" x 10'5"
33,600 kg 74,500 lbs
learn more
RM 90GO! Compact Crusher RM 90GO!
Impact Crusher
180 tph 200 TPH
13,470 x 2,550 x 3,050 mm 44'2" x 8'5" x 10'
28,400 kg 62,500 lbs
learn more
Popular Model
RM 70GO! Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0
Impact Crusher
150 tph 165 TPH
13,300 x 2,360 x 3,100 43'8" x 7'9" x 10'2"
24,200 kg 53,400 lbs
learn more

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