At the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce Africa Day on 2 February the focus was on the economic development of the continent and the associated opportunities for Upper Austrian companies. Christian Windhager, the Area Sales Manager responsible at RUBBLE MASTER, was invited to take part in the podium discussion to share his experience with the multifaceted continent from a company’s point of view. The experts analysed and discussed regional differences and ways of breaking into local markets.

The prevailing view that Africa is plagued by crisis and conflict was not shared by the Africa specialists who were present. On the contrary, some African states have turned into promising markets of the future with high growth potential.

RUBBLE MASTER has already been active in Africa for over 10 years. Our mobile crushers are in demand especially for the processing of natural stone. A local dealer network enables the best possible service in the respective area.

RUBBLE MASTER has grown a great deal this year. Not only are sales up 27 % but also the number of dealerships has grown during 2016 to around 70 sales partners. Several new dealers are located in Asia. We welcome the following new dealerships to the RM Family and look forward to continuing our good work together after this successful anniversary year:


• Sambo Heavy Industries Co. (South Korea)
• Multico Equipment & Parts Pte Ltd (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Brunei and Myanmar)
• Krause Technology GmbH (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan)
• Senok Trade Combine Pvt. Ltd. (Maldives, Sri Lanka)
• Dynamic Equipment & Controls (PVT) Ltd Pakistan (Pakistan, Afghanistan)

South America:
• Promisa S.A. (Bolivia)
• Proyec S.A.E. (Paraguay)

• Tracey Road Equipment, Inc. (New York)
• Ambrose Equipment Co., Inc. (Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire)

• Red Knight 6 (UK)
• PC Fomar Ltd. (Belarus)

RUBBLE MASTER has enjoyed a successful 2016. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing dealerships very much indeed for the many years of success we have achieved with you. The past 25 years have been a success story, which we look forward to continuing together with you in the future.

The RM Team wishes all our customers, sales partners, network partners and suppliers a Happy Christmas and a successful start to 2017!


RUBBLE MASTER was invited by the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa to be part of the construction and demolition waste recycling workshop to contribute the company’s know how about recycling in connection with environmental issues. As the Area Sales Manager of the only actively invited crushing manufacturer, Christian Windhager talked about the advantages recycling has for the environment.


C&D waste remains a significant contributor to landfill airspace consumption and accounts for up to 20 % of general waste in South Africa. Nevertheless, until now there were not any norms available, which means that the recycling company had no guidelines to refer to about how material has to be processed, which material is allowed to be recycled and which has to be disposed of. Due to these uncertainties, the recycling rate remains very low. By establishing specific guidelines and clarifying the companies’ questions, they should be encouraged to increase the recycling rate and minimize the waste deposited.